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Reserving Courts

Reserving Courts

Throwing a pickleball party? Want to add a little fun to your family reunion? You may want to reserve a court to be sure it’ll be available to you when you need it. For the most part, each rec center and park has their own court reservation system and rates. Here is a list of the most popular courts to rent.

Outdoor courts

Mount Ogden and Monroe Parks
These courts are managed by the Ogden City Parks Department. Both Mount Ogden and Monroe Parks have 8 courts to rent. Monroe Park courts have lights for night play. Call Heidi at 801.629.8284 for rental and availability.

Pleasant View outdoor courts
The Pleasant View courts are managed by the Pleasant View City Recreation Division. There are 4 courts with lights for night play. Between November and April (exact dates vary) the courts are closed and cannot be reserved. During the spring, summer and fall the courts can be reserved only on Wednesday nights. Reservations can be made online when the courts are open for play. For more information, please call 801.827.0463.

Indoor courts

Marshall White Center
These indoor courts are set up in the gym. Rental fees include the set up and take down of their nets. The full court rental yields 4 courts and the half court rental yields 2 courts. When you rent the space, your guests do not pay the Center admission fee. See rental details here.

Clearfield Aquatic Center
There are 6 courts to rent at the Clearfield Aquatic Center. The nets come with the rental, but you will need to help put them up. Rentals of the gym are available Fridays and Saturdays from 7:30 p.m. – 12 a.m. (midnight); and Sundays from 6:30 p.m. – 12 a.m. (midnight). Please call Donna at 801-525-2642 to reserve today. You can find rates and more information online.

Farmington Gymnasium
There are a total of 5 courts to rent for the full gym and 2 for the half gym. The cost of rental includes nets, which they will help set up for you. For details and reservations, call 801.939.9229.