Painting Pickleball Lines on a Tennis Court – How to Create Lines with Paint

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Playing pickleball on a tennis court is not an unusual task to do. But you have to maintain certain lines and court rules obviously.

The Court size, court boundaries, and court diagrams are different in tennis and pickleball games. As a result, without proper lining, you can’t play pickleball on the tennis court.

That’s why correctly painting pickleball lines on a tennis court is essential. To let you know about the details of painting the whole dimensions, we have brought this article.
Without getting any delay, let’s dive into the details!

First of all, you need a proper planning on Painting pickleball lines on a tennis court.
Now let’s move to what you will need and how to implement those lines and markings.

Materials that You Will Require:


Chalk is the first item that you will need to make the lining of the court. Without a good set of colored chalk, you can’t draw the line structure correctly.

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Sometimes, for temporary pickleball courts, people use tape instead of any colored chalks.
As a result, you won’t have to worry about the line when you want to play tennis again. Contrarily, you will be able to remove the tape smoothly and play.

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  2. REAL Professional Grade Gaffer Tape


Cones are another necessary piece of equipment that you need to use on a pickleball court marking. Cones are marked with numbers, so where you put them, it’s easier to follow.

Also, the numbers help to locate the drilling places quickly. The boundaries are easily noticeable with cones.

Pickleball Lines Set

Our Recommended Cones:

  1. Gamma Court Lines
  2. Oncourt Offcourt Pickleball Lines Set

Choices for Marking Lines

Usually, we get two types of court choices: indoor and outdoor courts. The line painting process for the two courts is different. Now we will disclose the individual lining process to you.

Outdoors Court

If you want to paint outdoors, you have to check the surface area first. If it is dirty, the color or tape won’t set up well. Also, if you intend to use permanent markings, you have to choose accordingly.

You can use tape, chalk, or paints to mark the outdoor court. The outdoor court needs to be painted using bright and durable colors. If you want permanent marking, it’s better to use the painting for a more durable outcome.

Otherwise, you can use a tape and tape machine if you have the plan to play both the sports there. Chalk won’t be an excellent option to paint outdoor pickleball courts. On the contrary, you can use cones to point out the measurement too.

Indoors Court

In the case of indoor pickleball lining on your existing tennis court, you can easily use chalk and tape. If you want to make the line permanent, try to use chalk. You need to use blended colors to paint that.

Cones are not that famous for use in the indoor lining. Instead, you can use tapes if you don’t want it to be permanent. All you have to do is to draw out the pickleball court measurements and paint using colorful chalks.

Now let’s look at a glimpse on what you need to make the painting process a success:

How to Create Lines for a Pickleball Court on Tennis Court

Step-1: clean up the area

The first and foremost job is to clean up the existing tennis court if it’s dirty or full of dust. Try to use water and cleaners or bleach to clean existing sports courts. If the court surface is already cleared up, you can skip this step.

Step-2: set up your mind on the number of pickleball courts

Usually, in an average tennis court, you can draw four different pickleball courts. So, now it’s up to you how many pickleball courts you want. You can use the full court for drawing four, even two pickleball courts.

Step-3: gather pieces of equipment

Take your tape, chalk, and cones along with any other necessary equipment that you feel handy. Try to seek help from another person because covering the whole area alone can be quite hectic.

Step-4: draw rough measurements

Now It’s time to draw a rough. Do not use any paint or tape to measure the rough service line. You should use removable pencils to draw the rough measurements of the total recommended size.

Step-5: paint it well!

Now that you have drawn out the draft court, the whole painting will be easier for you. You can use tape or paint to paint the court using color in appropriate lengths. As pickleball does not require any specific color, try to match the color with the existing line’s contrast.

  1. Here is a video to watch for Taping a Tennis Court for Pickleball.

Can I use Cones instead of Tape?

No, cones and tapes do different works. Cones are suitable for keeping in a specific area to remember the striking and drilling points.

Whereas tapes will show you the exact boundary lines. Though both are used as temporary measuring options, you should use tape for demarcating the lines.

What kind of paint should you use on the court?

Many acrylic pickleball paints are specially meant to use upon the concrete surface. These acrylic paints will serve you with permanent effect.

What is the cost of painting pickleball lines on a tennis court?

Though it depends on the painting method, it usually costs $250 to $600 to paint a full court. Other costs include the equipment and labor that depend on the court condition.

Do pickleball lines on tennis courts bother you?

No, if you can draw correctly, it won’t bother you. Primarily if you use blended lines, you will understand the differentiation easily.

Tennis courts are painted using blue and green paints, so it’s easy to understand the differences.

How many pickleball courts can you put on a tennis court?

You can put up to four pickleball courts on a tennis court. But if four courts are not required, you can quickly put two pickleball courts in your existing tennis court.

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Wrapping Up

Now you know all about painting pickleball lines on a tennis court. We hope that our research and experience has been helpful to you. Choose your specific options and remember all the information that we have shared with you.

Painting pickleball courts on an existing tennis court is not that much troublesome. Hence, the task is easy and serves you with different options to play with.

Try to consider your preferences and paint the courts according to your choice. Good luck with your customization of the pickleball court.

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