How to Keep the Ball Low in Pickleball – 5 Secret Tips 2023

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Are you a novice and wondering about how to keep the ball low in pickleball court?  Or simply how to play the game efficiently?

If yes, then you can relax now. This article will offer you some of the most proven and useful pickleball tips and tricks to keep the ball low on the court. Moreover, these techniques will improve your overall pickleball skills.

Pickleball becomes one of the fastest-growing games over time because it is more strategy-based than sheer athleticism. In this article, I will offer you some essential tips to gain mastery over the game.

Pickleball becomes one of the fastest-growing games over time because it is more strategy-based than sheer athleticism. In this article, I will offer you some essential tips to gain mastery over the game.

Why Is Keeping The Ball Low Important in Pickleball?

You should keep in mind that maintaining the balls low makes it tough to attack for the opponent. Because the more you hit the ball higher, the more your opponent will get the opportunity to hit down the ball, which will be hard for you to return later.

Applying this technique not only revolutionizes your game, but it also limits the possibility of strong defensive hits from the opponents.

But, being a pro player, I know from my experience that serving lower ball is not an easy-going task as it seems to be. When you are wondering how to play pickleball well, keeping the ball should be a significant concern.

However, do you know the pickleball’s entire point is 11, and you need to win by 2? If yes, then without any further adieu, Let’s jump into the proven tips.

Tips to Keep the Ball Low in Pickleball

Know Your Grip Pressure

Pickleball serves grip is one of the most essential yet overlooked issues found among the players. Your balance while tackling each ball largely depends upon the grip pressure. But, as time passes, your body gets tenser, and you start holding the paddle tightly.

That’s where your opponent will be able to change the game.

For example, when you grip the paddle firmly, your entire force is transferred to the paddle and hit back the ball aggressively. Those aggressive yet strong shots ultimately make the balls popping up very high.

There arises an “oh no” moment for you!

Now, are you thinking about how to grip the paddle? Before telling you that, just imagine a scale ranging 1 to 10, where 1 indicates a very loose grip like falling down the paddle from your hand and 10 means death grip.

Get the point?  If so, then keep your grip pressure ranging between 3-5. It will give you proper control over the ball. In fact, you will get a fantastic control over the paddle and be able to direct the ball into the kitchen.

What is the angle of your paddle?

Keeping your paddle at a perfect angle requires your conscious attention and in-depth perception.

Although Experts differ in their opinion in defining the correct angle, most of them suggest holding the paddle at a  leading edge to give backhand and forehand return.

Besides, it is needless to say that you have to keep the paddle angle a bit high to hit the ball over the net.

However, if you are confident enough and want to go for an overhead shot, you should angle it down. But, if you’re going to keep the ball low, you need to hold the paddle in a slightly angled up position. By following this ultimate guide, you will bring a considerable advantage in the long run. You will start winning by a significant margin.

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Keep Your Body Away From the Ball

A common mistake the players often make is they stand near the court’s edge for serving. It is a good trick, no doubt. But, do you know it creates a critical moment for you in returning the 3rd shot? Your growing confidence may get shattered down then.

Whether you are a novice or pro player, you can turn the match into a successful game. To do this, you need to learn some basic pickleball hitting techniques. You need to be mastered in some basic shots along with the basic strokes.

Wait, strokes and shots are different?

Yes, most people think that shots and strokes are the same things.

But, those are two different kinds of stuff. Strokes include Groundstroke, Volley, Dink. On the flip side, the shots refer to lob, Cross-court dink, drive; Block shot, etc.

When you have a good command over those pickleball techniques and strategies, you don’t need to worry about keeping the ball low all the time.  A dink or soft shot is enough to make your opponent weak.

However, do you have any idea about the counteract when your opponent attacks you with the pickleball spin shots?

You have to bend down your knee and wait for the ball to start falling from the peak, and there you go. Hit the ball as quick as possible. This is my favorite style so far. However, try to deliver the controlled shot instead of random fast shots.

Well, you should also try to master in the following cool little shots to take the game in your favor:

Overhead Smash

You can play this opportunity shot when your opponent strikes the ball, resulting in higher bounce. An excellent way to return the ball is simply smashing it downward. Always remember, you should never play an overhead shot unless it reaches the highest points.

Cross-court Shot

It is one of the most advanced, as well as the hardest among the shots in pickleball.

Black Shot

This shot acts as a  saving weapon to prevent the third shot of your opponent.

Don’t Try To Hit Direct Shots

You may not like to get injured by a direct shot coming from an experienced player. Sometimes, the competitor tries to hit the ball, targeting you. If your reflexes are not quick enough, you will easily get caught by those tricky shots.

Then, how can you escape from getting this kind of injury? Alright, find out the useful tactic in the next.

Some instructors suggest keeping the paddle at chest level, some advice to keep that on the nose level. It is a paddle-up strategy.

We have figured out another excellent strategy from Sarah Ansboury’s recent video. She suggests that you position the paddle close to the chest instead of standing aligned to the net.

Shots the Ball as Early as Possible

Did you notice how an experienced player hits the ball?

They strike the ball before you even think about it. Besides, while making contact with the ball, they also try to keep the ball as low as possible.

They do this not because they want to end-up the match quickly; instead, they try to give the opponent less time and chance to hit back. Thus, they make a winning point.

Especially when you are near the kitchen line, try this out. You can also play a dink shot for taking over the control of the pace.

Be Relaxed and Enjoy the game

It is challenging for the novice to maintain the paddle in the initial stage, hit the ball, and then back in the ready position. This makes their grip tensed and mentally stressed.

But, the primary motivation for every sport should be enjoyment, what do you say?

The more you relax your body and mind, the more you will focus on the game. Simply, try to stand in a better position. It means keeping elbows firmly in front of the buttock and hold the head of the paddle above the wrist.

And at the end of the day, there is nothing to lose. You play because you enjoy it. Win or lose is a materialistic thing.

Final Verdict

Before concluding my conclusion on keeping the ball low in pickleball, I want to share the experience and learning of an experienced pickleball player, Dave Weinbach.

A reporter once asked him, “what has made him so successful?”. He shared his excellent strategies in addition to some pickleball tips. He tries to focus on hand-eye coordination, opponent’s feet and hand signals, reaction speed, and time during every match.

However, things will take time to get perfect. If you are a beginner in this field, try to apply the tactics above before hitting any pickleball shots. Hopefully, the write up will help to take your game to the next level soon!

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