Best Pickleball Bag For Men and Women – Reviews & Buying Guides in 2023

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You can have a Pickleball game almost anywhere. This easy-to-arrange game only requires paddles, balls, and a regulation-sized net.

The game itself may start quickly. Nevertheless, you need some accessories like shoes, a cap, water, a towel to keep yourself ready and tidy for the game. The list can easily go longer.

You cannot just grab and carry all these accessories. It requires the best pickleball bags to accommodate these to the court. A perfect bag has many advantages that will keep the peace of your mind during the game.

To get all those advantages, you must pick the right one from the band of bags. I know it is not easy and takes time. Therefore, I have cut down your stress and rounded up the 10 best bags.

I have considered the materials, space, durability, features, and style while cherry-picking the bags. So, there is no way you will end up buying a subpar one.

Top 10 Best Pickleball Bags For Pickleballers


1. Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag

Franklin bags are famous for comfort, compactness, and compartmentalized spaces. You can easily carry this sling-type bag due to the padded shoulder straps. Moreover, the size and shape of the bag accommodate different gears in separate compartments.

High-quality, durable nylon with five color schemes makes this the best bags to carry pickleball gears. Nylon is ultralight. So, carrying the bag even with full capacity is easy.

Breathable shoulder strap does not create any discomfort while carrying. Red rashes and spots on the chest and shoulder will never be an issue with the bag.

Pockets are zippered in this bag for extra safety. The back pocket has the most space to store the bigger gears like paddles and balls. Two front pockets are ideal for smaller personal items.

Except for this limitation of space, Franklin Sports bags are the best pick in my list. If you found any of these pickleball bags on sale, just get it.

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag - Men's and Women's Pickleball Backpack


  • Three zippered pockets
  • Five color schemes
  • Accommodate up to six paddles 
  • Dedicated compartment for water bottle
  • High-quality nylon made for durability

2. Onix Pickleball Durable Backpack

This Onix backpack may look stunningly hot, but you will feel cooked while carrying it. Five separate storage spaces and breathable mesh make it comfortable to carry this upright bag for Pickleball.

One of the best features of the bag is its accessibility. Each compartment can be accessed easily through a zippered pocket. The side pockets are for smaller personal items, whereas the main upright pocket is for the gears.

The front pocket, which shows a silver mesh is the only one without any zipper. However, it is convenient to carry a water bottle in it.

Breathable mesh fills the spaces between the pocket’s openings. These meshes ensure wind circulation and cooling of your back and shoulder—no more sweaty and itchy spots before the game when you have this bag.

You can easily adjust the padded straps according to your comfort and height. Except for the higher price, I haven’t found any issues with this sleek black and stylish pickleball backpack.

Onix Pickleball Backpack


  • Felt-lined inner compartments
  • Separate insulated water pocket
  • Separate shoe compartment
  • Spacious

3. Athletico Sling Bag – Crossbody Backpack for Pickleball

This multi-pocket bag from Athletico is one of the fashionable sling-type bags in the market. Assorted color, separate components for each gear, and durability make it one of the great picks in my review.

Each pocket is designed for gear. Your shoes, towels, net, or even the water bottle has separate space in this bag. Five pockets can hold two tennis racquets or six paddles or a 15-inches laptop.

The hidden pocket in the back is there to keep your valuables safe from any pickpockets. Keeping your wallet or phone in that pocket will be safe while you are on the move.

The reversible shoulder strap will suit the bag for both righty and lefty players. Uneasiness, while carrying the sling on your passive shoulder, will never be an issue now. Air mesh padding on the back will ensure airflow while carrying the bag.

A few users found it too small for taller people. Otherwise, it is an excellent pick for any average-sized people.

Athletico Sling Bag - Crossbody Backpack for Pickleball


  • Multiple Pockets 
  • Reversible Shoulder Straps
  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Separate bottle holder

4. Fila Sport Backpack

Don’t get surprised to see the similarities between Fila and Onix bags. They are both famous for their design and spacious compartments. However, Fila bags come with more flexible spaces than any.

This bag is diversified for almost any racquet sports. Thus, either you love pickleball or table tennis, this bag will be the ultimate gear carrying the tool. Storing multiple paddles is comfortable in the felt-lined compartments.

Fila Ultimate Tennis with Shoe Pocket

Straps are friendly to your skin and shoulder. They are breathable for long time use and adjustable with your heights. If you are not comfortable carrying messy shoes with your precious gears, the Fila bag is the best option for you. It comes with a separate shoe pocket.

Any beverage will be chilled inside the insulated beverage pocket. Staying hydrated is easy for the high-tension games with this sleek and stylish bag.

Don’t get deceived by its size. This trendy bag can accommodate up to 2 full-sized tennis racquets. What else can you ask from a sports backpack?

Fila Ultimate Tennis One Size Bags


  • Separate compartment for shoes
  • Felt-lined pockets for personal items
  • Insulated separate compartment for water bottles

5. Amazin’ Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack

Amazin' Aces Premium Bag Features Pickleball Holder

This perfect pickleball bag is a balanced combo between price and quality. You can get all the features of a high-end bag at a very affordable cost. Besides, the bag comes with a separate pocket for balls.

Lightweight material makes this Amazin Aces sack comfortable and durable. You won’t feel any stress on your shoulder even with the full capacity of the bag.

Shoulder straps are adjustable for ultimate comfort and diversity. They are easy to adjust with your height and level of convenience. Don’t worry about filling the bag up to its maximum capacity. The reinforced straps will support the weight.

You can keep the smaller personal belongings like mobile phones or keys in the smaller pocket. Any beverage will stay cold and refreshing inside the beverage compartment.

This bag will easily hold up to four paddles in the central pocket and four balls in the mesh pocket on the side. The only issue you may face is in some places, the stitches are not strong enough to hold the nylon material.

Amazin' Aces Premium Pickleball Backpack


  • Can hold up to four paddles
  • Meshed pocket for Pickleball
  • Insulated beverage compartment
  • Separate space for personal items

6. Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag

The best thing about any duffle bag is its massive space. You can literally carry your entire collection of sports gear in it. Do you know the best thing about it? No more exploring for the towels, water, or extra socks during the game.

You can be deceived by the look of this modest bag. It may not look as stunning or stylish as other backpacks or sling bags. However, the capacity can outnumber any of those fancy bags. Moreover, you will get all the great features at a super affordable price.

Along with the towels, shoes, gloves, and nets, you can carry up to seven paddles inside the bag. That means almost two team’s gear in one big bag.

Side pockets are perfect for personal belongings. Nevertheless, I am a little skeptical about the zippers. You may have to be extra vigilant each time picking up the bag.

The material is not waterproof; however, not durable that much also. A few users have a complaint about the quality of the fabric and the central zipper opening.

Game On Pickleball Duffle Bag


  • Highly Affordable
  • Spacious
  • Hold up to seven paddles
  • Comes in three stunning colors
  • Side pockets for small personal items

7. Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag

Every racquet sports fan knows Slazenger. This renowned company has supported sports since 1881. Thus, a bag made by them will have some great features to be in my review.

The most unique feature I have found in this bag is the access channel for earphones. If you have a music player or any other smartphone, this channel will help you to plug into that device and listen to your favorite songs or audiobooks.

Side pockets are made with mesh and are stretchable. These can hold a water bottle or a can of balls. Yes, you can easily use this sling bag for Pickleball, tennis, or ping pong.

The front pocket is zippered and lined with soft clothing. It will keep your personal belongings safe and secure. The main pocket also has a sturdy zipper to safeguard your favorite gears.

One thing that bothers me is the base of the bag. It is not adequately padded and makes it a little unsafe for anything fragile.

Wolfe Professional Pickleball Sling Bag


  • Earphone access channel
  • Separate space for personal items
  • Mesh side pockets for water bottle
  • Made by Slazenger 

8. HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack

Head pickleball bags have a sporty and trendy look. Besides, the padded straps and separate space for each gear make it one of the favorites among the top bags for Pickleball. However, users find it small for even pickleball paddles.

You can put up to two racquets inside the paddle space. Other compartments are separated for your pickleball shoes, balls, and nets. You can also carry water bottles inside.

There are two zippered pockets at the front. The vertical one is for smaller personal belonging. The next one is a bit wider and can hold smaller gears like balls and caps.

You can put up to two pickleball paddles in the large pocket. That one is also separated for shoes and other larger gears.

Carrying the backpack is comfortable with the padded and adjustable straps. You can stay hydrated during the game. Thanks to the meshed side pockets for water bottles. An additional strap is there to keep the larger bottle in place.

HEAD Racquetball & Pickleball Backpack


  • Dedicated compartments for paddles
  • Locked pocket for valuables
  • Separate space for shoes, paddles and other gears
  • Adjustable padded straps

9. Pik’ le’Ball PREMIUM Bag – Best Pickleball Bag For Women

The only tote bag in my review is the Pik’ le’ Ball’s Premium bag. This is specially designed for women players with a stylish look and trendy design. The bag has adequate space and convenient features for a single player.

The main components have enough areas to fit three paddles. Any beverage bottle will be kept secure in the meshed pocket. For convenience, there is a paddle slip on the outer side of the bag.

The carrying strap is soft but tough enough to endure all the hassle. You can fit everything inside the bag in separate pockets.

Except for the unzippered inside pocket and flimsy material, I have found this bag ok for regular use.

Pik'le'Ball Women's Premium Pickleball Bag


  • Spacious
  • Trendy
  • Affordable
  • Separate pocket for water bottle

10. ZOEA Pickleball Bag – Best Budget Pickleball Bag

Another sling bag that can make your pickleball game convenient. Carrying the bag is secure with the reversible straps. No matter if you are lefty or righty, this bag will suit you. Spacious space can hold almost every essential gear for the game.

Slipping in a water bottle or an audio device is comfortable with this sling bag. The audio channel will help you to listen to anything while keeping the device safe inside.

Separate inside pockets are suitable for both smaller and bigger gears. Moreover, you can keep the valuables safe in the anti-theft pocket.

ZOEA Pickleball Bag


  • Reversible Straps
  • Separate Pockets for Everything
  • Polyester made
  • Affordable
  • Audio Cable Channel

Buying Guide to For Top Pickleball Bags


It is a personal preference. You can pick any suitable pickleball bag types. However, the style will depend on your personality and game type. Typically, young adults and male players prefer dark-colored and sporty-looking bags.

On the contrary, young children and female players prefer cute pickleball bags. Don’t think I am sexist! It’s just the market data. There are a lot of exceptions now.


One of the most essential features of pickleball bags and covers is additional pockets. Zippered pockets can make carrying the stuff easy and organized. Some of the championship pickleball bags come with locked front and side pockets. You can easily carry balls or any personal items in them.

Large pickleball bags typically have separate compartments rather than locked pockets. Thus, you can easily keep our things organized and carry a lot more in them. Most of the totes and a few backpacks come with inner compartments.

Despite being rare, a very few pickleball tournament bags will have protective covers. If you get one, do not hesitate to buy it. They are rare, like blue diamonds, and you will realize the worth during heavy rain.


Adjustability is essential when you are taller or shorter than average. The first thing you need to adjust according to your height is the shoulder strap. A taller person requires a longer strap to balance the bag properly.

If you are shorter than average, a smaller strap will work best to balance the weight of the bag. If the bag is too low or too high, it will cause more harm than convenience.

The next thing you need to adjust is the distribution of the stuff. When you are carrying the entire gear collection, it is better to put the flexible ones like towels and shirts at the bottom. These will firmly keep the non-flexible items like paddles, balls, and shoes.


Yes, you need a lot of space when carrying all the gears. But space is not a big issue if you need only the essential gear for the game.

Duffel pickleball bags are the best option for greater space. This classic carrying accessory can accommodate the sheer volume of gears. The only issue with any pickleball fanatic duffel bag is the lack of balance while carrying.

If you want a compact but organized space, pick backpacks or totes with compartmentalized pockets. When only the compact space is the priority, go for the sling or cinch bags.

Carrying Straps

Unless you are using a pickleball bag with wheels, carrying strap is a big issue. Typically, carrying straps are made with synthetic nylon. Backpack’s straps need to be padded due to their carrying capacity.

Duffle Bag straps are not padded, but they come with moveable soft support. You can place it according to the carrying position.

Carrying straps for totes are mostly flat and evenly distribute the weight on your shoulder. Cinch straps are more like ropes. Due to its ultralightweight, straps are not a big issue for it.


Typically, pickleball paddle covers or bags are made with synthetic materials. Make sure the bag is waterproof and durable. Otherwise, your favorite paddle will behave like a damp piece of wood.

It is better to use polyester as bag material. They are highly durable and can endure any rough handling.

Types of Pickleball Bags – Choose Your Type

Bags for Pickleball comes in different types. Each of them has some advantages over the others. You are the last person to decide which type suits you the most.

Pickleball Sling Bags

Sling type bags are the most popular among the pickleball players. They are comfortable, portable, and durable.

The shape of the slingback pickleball bag is the most significant advantage of it. Tear-drop shape aligns with the shape of the paddle and keeps them safe as paddle cover while carrying. You can carry multiple paddles inside the sling type bags.

Limited space is the only imitation of sling bags. Besides, there is no separate compartment to carry different gears. Therefore, you can only take essential accessories with you.

If you are looking for a lighter bag to carry the essential accessories to the game, cling bags are the best option.

Pickleball Backpack

Backpacks are best for better capacity and organization. You will find separate spaces for different accessories. Thus, keeping the paddles from the balls and the net is convenient in the backpack.

Pickleball backpacks are spacious. It can accommodate almost every accessory you can think of for a complete game. They may not be as big as duffle; however, they are much organized than both sling and duffle type bags.

Carrying a backpack is more convenient and back-friendly than the other bag types. Two shoulder straps will equally divide the weight along the chest and make your posture balance when you are on the go.

Zippered pockets can carry balls, a cell phone, and other personal items like car keys. If you prefer less bulkiness and more storage, backpacks should be on your buying list of the right pickleball bag.

Pickleball Cinch Bag

Cinch bags are the smaller and one-compartment version of backpacks. These bags are effortless, ultralight, and sometimes waterproof. Carrying them is very convenient to almost anywhere.

One of the significant shortcomings of the cinch bag is its limited space. Besides, it doesn’t come with any smaller zipped front pocket. Therefore, everything goes into the same chamber.

This is an excellent option if you have a limited budget and only the necessary gears for the pickleball game. Otherwise, any bigger pickleball bag pattern will work great.

Pickleball Duffel Bag

Duffle bags are like a big U-Haul truck. It can accommodate the entire court inside it, metaphorically, of course. This large-sized bag is great for carrying multiple paddles, balls, shoes, nets, water bottles, and whatnot.

The primary compartment is expansive and carries a large amount of stuff in it. However, there is no other compartment for keeping the gears separate. Some bags may come with side pockets but are very unlikely with zippers.

Carrying the duffel bags may not be as comfortable as the backpacks. However, nothing can beat the sheer storage space of a classic duffle bag.

Pickleball Tote Bags

Totes are the newest addition in the sports bag market, especially in the pickleball arena. These are more stylish than the conventional backpack or duffle pickleball bags.

Size and space-wise, the tote bags are smaller than the duffels. But they are much spacious than any sling or backpack bags. According to the market data, these are the most preferred pickleball bags by female players.

Holding a water bottle, a pair of pickleball paddles and a few balls are easy for totes. Designs are both stylish and trendy. No wonder, they are famous as ladies pickleball bags.

FAQs on Pickleball Bags

Bags for carrying pickleball paddles are very straightforward to use. My research says players rely on their style and preferences while picking them.

But, if you still have any queries, these frequently asked questions will resolve them for good.

Head Pickleball Bag

What are the different pickleball bags available?

There are no official pickleball bag types. Therefore, you can carry any type of bag that suits your style and comfort level.

One of the most typical types of bags is the sling and backpack. Both are carried over the shoulder with carrying straps. Compact space is the feature of those carrying accessories. The single compartment may be an issue for the organization. Otherwise, they are the most popular choice among the players.

The tote is the most stylish and loved by female players typically. They are more organized than any full-sized duffle bags. Any classic duffle bag can accommodate a significant volume of gears, but things will not be very organized in them.

How comfortable is the bag to carry?

A comfortable pickleball bag depends on the distribution of weight and the carrying straps. The more evenly the weight is distributed among the carrying straps, the more comfortable the bag will be.

Backpacks, sling, and cinch bags are the most comfortable among the high-end bags. These bags offer a padded or soft strap to make any weight effortless for you. Any cheap pickleball bag will lack the high-quality carrying system, so do the comfort.

Duffle Bag is highly popular as a travel pickleball bag. However, it lacks proper balance and weight distribution. Only sheer size and accommodation make it famous among the players. Tote, on the other hand, is both stylish and can keep things separated and organized.

Can I use Pickleball Bags for Other Racquet Sports?

Pickleball bags are diverse and can accommodate any racquet sports gear. If you are a big fan of tennis or ping pong, I have good news for you. You can use the bag to carry those gears in the bag unless they are pickleball bags for paddles.

The flat part of the tennis and ping pong racquet has the same shape. They may be a little different in size; however, you can put them in the bags for Pickleball and carry them to the court.

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Final Thoughts

Bags are just a sack to carry stuff. Well, it may be right for other purposes but not for sports and especially for Pickleball.

The best pickleball bag is the primary tool to keep your gears organized and carry them safely. Moreover, it also represents your persona and attitude to the game.

Thus, if you want to make a first impression on your opponents, make sure you pick the perfect bag for your pickleball stuff. In this way, you will get both the safety of your paddles, balls, and other personal equipment and better organization to use them wherever necessary.

I'm Dave Ogden, a professional pickleball player from Ogden, Utah. When I'm not dominating the court, I pour my passion into writing a blog, sharing pickleball trips and tricks. Join me as I take you on an exciting journey through the world of pickleball. Let's improve our game together!

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