Best Pickleball Paddle – How to Pick for More Power & Control in 2023

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No other sport can be as simple and fun-packed like pickleball. A set of paddles and a ball – that’s all you need to turn any outdoor trip into an exciting one.

You can play the game almost anywhere, but not with any paddle. It requires the best pickleball paddles for the best games. Hundreds of pickleball sets are available in the market. Some of them come with mind-blowing ball and paddle offers.

Here is the catch – missing the quality pickleball paddles in this crowd is easy and. However, it will not be the case if you already started reading our review.

We have reviewed at least 52 great paddles and come up with Top 15 pickleball paddles. This review is so COMPLETE and COMPREHENSIVE that when you will reach our ‘final thoughts’ at the bottom, you probably won’t need it anymore.


Because this pickleball paddle analysis has everything to make you an expert.

In a hurry? have look at our Top Picks:

Our All Time Picks:

  1. Onix Graphite Z5
  2. Engage Encore Pro
  3. Gamma Sports 2.0

Top Pick for Control

  1.  Selkirk Amped Epic

Top Picks For Beginners

  1. Amazin’ Aces Pickleball Paddle Set
  2. Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Racket with Carbon Fiber Face

Top Lightweight Paddles

  1.  Uteeqe Graphite Pickleball Paddle Set
  2. PickleballCentral Rally Tyro 2

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle – Buying Guide

Your range of choices is narrowed down to ten only. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t have any questions. Even fewer options can create greater confusion.

How to Choose a Pickleball Paddle
Choosing a Pickleball Paddle

To lessen your hesitation and pick the perfect paddle, We have analyzed the most vital factors to consider before buying any paddle. Go over them, and you will understand what to look for when buying a pickleball paddle.

USAPA Approval

The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) is the national governing body to oversee official rules, rankings, and tournaments. Another important job of this non-profit organization is to ensure the accessories of the game are manufactured under established guidelines.

All the paddles, balls, nets, and other Pickleball accessories need to be made according to the guideline to get the USAPA approval. Otherwise, even the high-quality tool will not be approved, and players and organizers will not use them.

Each of the paddles in our review is approved by the USAPA. Therefore, you do not have to worry about anything other than the game and its result.


The dimension of both basic and advanced pickleball paddles are restricted by regulation. The combined length and width cannot exceed 24 inches. Therefore, if one side exceeds, another must recede.

Any regulation-sized, aka right pickleball paddle, has a width of 8 inches. Thus, the length, including the handle, stays within 15¾ inches. You can consider this as the standard paddle dimension.

These standard dimension rackets offer balanced control and spin.

Contrarily, wider paddles are much shorter in length. Thus, as a beginner, you may find it easier to hit the ball due to a larger hitting surface.

Elongated paddles are great for extended reach. Pro-level players love the longer hitting surface for additional power and speed. However, it can be tricky to control for the newbies.

Grip Size

Grips are among the least considered factors while buying a perfect pickleball racket. But you need to focus more on it.

Get the right Grip's Size 4, 4¼ or 4½
Get the right Grip’s Size 4, 4¼ or 4½

You will see two styles of grips in every all-round pickleball paddle. Basic style grips cover only the exposed wooden parts. On the other hand, wrap grips cover the entire handle. Cheapest pickleball paddles come with basic grips, whereas the high-end versions have the wrap type.

It is easy to choose the perfect grip if you know your height. According to the major paddle manufacturers research

  •     4 inches grip – height under 5’2″
  •     4¼ inches grip – height between 5’3″ and 5’8″
  •     4½ inches grip – height 5’9″ or more

Handle Length

Any great pickleball paddle comes with a handle length range from 4.5 to 6 inches. Longer handles need a two-hand grip for better control and punch. As a result, you will get more power from the long handle paddles.

On the contrary, the shorter handle is suitable for a one-hand grip. It may not give you the blazing-fast speed or power; nevertheless, you can spin the ball easily.

Keep in mind that playing with a long handle racket for a long time can be uncomfortable. Besides, it can cause tennis elbow or other joint pain. We recommend you test each of the

rackets from the review and pick the best fit for your hand.

Paddle Hitting Surface Size

The surface size of the pickleball racket has a connection with easiness. It’s easier to hit the ball with a broader surface area. Oversized surfaces make it more convenient, compromising the handle length.

Any regulation-sized composite or wood pickleball paddles have 8 inches width. As the combined length and width cannot exceed 24 inches, the length remains 15¾ inches.

Paddle's Surface
Don’t forget about the Paddle’s Surface

The math is simple. Wider paddles come with shorter handles. And narrower paddles are elongated with a longer handle.

Wider rackets contact the ball easier. Thus, they are very popular among beginner and mid-level players.

Pro-level players prefer elongated paddles for an extended reach. But it can create an issue for beginners as the hitting surface is smaller, and it makes hitting the ball difficult.

Racket Face

The face of the racket can make the difference between a winning or missed shot. Both the materials and dimension of the face affects the speed, spin, and control of the paddle.

  • Composite Paddle Face

Carbon or Fiberglass make up the composite racket face. These are ultra-light materials that make any paddle easy to carry and use. Moreover, the durability of the paddle is enhanced.

One of the critical features of the composite material is its textured surface. This rough surface pattern lessens the speed of the ball as well as grips it for a longer time.

As a result, you get more control over the shots. Furthermore, extended grip ensures better spin.

  • Wide Paddle Face

Any pickleball racket with more than 8 inches width is considered wider. It doesn’t matter what material has been used on that surface, wider faces are great for power. Besides, it offers extra comfort for the newbies to hit the ball correctly.

Due to its extra width, the length becomes shorter. Thus, it can create an issue to easily reach the balls.

Paddle Core Materials

The core of any best pickleball paddles has a honeycomb structure made with different materials. It is the materials that make the difference among the pro pickleball racket.

Check the Materials of Paddle
Check the Materials of Paddle
  • Nomex Core

It is the core material for all the best composite pickleball paddles. A cardboard-type material is dipped in resin to create Nomex. It is very durable and creates the loudest noise with each hit.

The Nomex core generates both power and speed. Despite being an old technology, many players prefer Nomex over aluminum or polymer cores.

  • Aluminum Core

When you are choosing between power and control, the aluminum core will motivate towards control. It is the metal that makes the honeycomb core. The building is both lighter and more durable than the Nomex.

The best thing about this core is control and maneuverability. You may have to compromise power, but the control will compensate for it.

  • Polypropylene Core

This is the new-generation material for racket cores. It is the combination of plastics with different densities. That’s why the center makes the lightest and quietest paddles.

Polypropylene core is the signature of the most durable pickleball paddles. The center may be softest but can generate enough power and control to make you a master of lightweight pickleball paddle.

Paddle Weight

Like grip size, racket weight is another essential factor to consider while buying a racket. Weight can influence the control, power, spin, and maneuverability behind each shot.

  • Lightweight

The lightweight paddle weighs less than 7.3 oz. It offers more control and maneuverability with less stress on your hands.

Nevertheless, lightweight versions require more swing and power for any hit. Thus, hitting the long shots are harder with these lighter rackets.

  • Mid-Weight

This weight category of rackets ranges between 7.3 to 8.4 oz. Because of the heavier weight, mid-weight paddles generate more power with less effort. It is easier to hit the ball deep with these paddles.

Great power makes it more difficult to control the paddle. It reminds me of the famous dialogue from the movie Spiderman – Great power comes with great responsibilities.

Yes, you have to be very careful while playing with mid-weight paddles. The longer games can increase fatigue and can lead to an elbow injury.

Racket Skin

It is the hitting surface of a paddle. Based on the material, this surface or skin can be either textured or moderately rough. This racket feature is responsible for spin and maneuverability.

  • Textured Hitting Surface

Composite materials made the textured hitting surface of a racket. The material may include but is not limited to Carbon or Fiberglass.

Both Carbon and Fiberglass make a textured surface that grips the ball for an extended time. This extra grip helps to generate spin with better maneuverability.

  • Moderately Rough Hitting Face

Graphite, on the other hand, makes moderately rough skin of a racket. Due to its chemical structure, Graphite is more robust and can endure more impact.

Moderately rough skin does not hold the ball for an extended time. So, you will get less spin from Graphite skin. But its tougher nature makes every shot full of power.

Paddle Power

The power is a choice that depends on the player’s preference. However, the option is related to a few compromises. When you choose power, you may have to compromise with control and maneuverability.

Heavyweight rackets are the first and foremost requirement for power. The weight generates enough force to produce more energy. Moderately rough surfaces, along with Nomex or Aluminum cores, also help to get the extra strength.

The smoother surface does not grip the ball. Furthermore, the traditional cores enhance the reaction of the racket due to the impact of the ball on it. As a result, you get more impact and reaction as a form of power.

Paddle Control

If you choose a paddle for less power, control and maneuverability will be enhanced rapidly. Medium to lightweight paddles with Polypropylene cores offer more control over the power.

Textured composite surface helps these highly maneuverable rackets to generate more spin than any heavyweight paddles.

Textured surfaces grip the ball for an extended period. New-generation polymer core dampens the impact of a reduced reaction. These two actions reduce the force; however, they give you better control over the shot and spin.

Skill Level

Not all the rackets in the list will suit your game style and skill level. Your skill is the main factor that determines which paddle is appropriate for you.

Highly skilled players with professional skill level can do magic with almost any type of paddle. Thus, if you are one of them, either heavyweight or lightweight rackets will work great for you.

But if you prefer more power, pick the heavyweight paddles with Polymer core and Graphite surface.

Novice players, on the contrary, have less control over the shots. Therefore, it is essential for them to pick rackets with less power but more control.

Therefore, any medium to lightweight rackets with Nomex or Aluminum core and the composite surface will be the best pick for them.

Composite vs. Graphite Paddles

The main difference between the composite and Graphite paddle is their ability to generate spin and speed.

Composite pickleball paddles have the hitting surface made of Carbon or Fiberglass with a Nomex or Aluminum core. The textured surface generates extra spin that some of the pro-level pickleball players love.

On the contrary, if you are looking for quick shots with blazing speed, you need to switch to graphite paddles. The hitting surface is made with Graphite, obviously, with a similar Nomex or Aluminum core.

The graphite surface is smooth. Thus, it cannot generate spin like a composite surface. However, the robust nature of Graphite hits the pickleball hard and generates more speed.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Paddles

Pickleball can be played both indoor and outdoor. Nevertheless, no rackets are made explicitly for either outdoor or indoor games. You can use any paddle for both indoor and outdoor sports.

Pickleball is made for locations, not the rackets. Thus, this outdoor and indoor issue is more appropriate when you are buying pickleball paddles.

Best Pickleball Paddles

Let’s jump into our reviewed best pickleball paddles…

1. Engage Encore Pro

This is the best paddle for pickleball we have found. From every assessment aspect, the Encore Pro model of Engage stands alone from all the other paddles.

Engage Encore is a medium weight paddle with an average weight of 8.1 oz. It is neither too light that requires extra effort nor too heavy that can cause injury. Pro-level players love this tool for greater maneuverability.

Maneuverability comes with enhanced control. The textured fiberglass surface ensures more grip, better control, and accurate spin. You may not get super-power behind your shots, but the opponent will be stunned with the spin and control.

It doesn’t matter how cracking your shot is, there will be almost no cracking noise. The polymer honeycomb core makes it one of the lightest and quietest paddles of the market.

You won’t feel any pressure on the wrist due to the perforated cushion grip. The cushion is wrapped around the entire 4¾ inches length for better comfort and control.

Hitting the ball is much easier with this 8 inches wide body racket. Moreover, the sweet spot, aka center of mass, is marked with a cross. If you can keep the ball within the cross, bingo!

The overall length of this regulation-sized paddle is 15¼ inches. It is suitable for both the newbies and novices. No matter how much you use it, the durable made, and the ¼ inch edge guard will keep it intact for a long time.

2. ONIX Graphite Z5

Onix Graphite Z5

If Encore is the best among the composite paddles, Onix Z5 is the ace of graphite paddles.

Its extra width and lightweight makes it one of the most desired graphite rackets among players worldwide.

You will love the 7.9 oz weight of this Onix racket. It gives you all the freedom to maneuver with ease. Besides, you will not feel any stress, even playing for a more extended period in court. Pro players prefer this for high-tension matches.

Graphite is tough inside but smooth outside. Almost like you, isn’t it? The toughness provides the force on the impact to shoot the ball faster. You can feel the extra power behind each shot with this Z5 model from Onix.

The smooth surface won’t hold the ball and will let it slide. As a result, the spin may be very low. But you must use less effort to get the maximum speed from the ball. Those who prefer more spin but less speed, this is the gem of a racket for them.

Each shot with the Z5 will be cracked with a noise. A few players said they love the bang and feel confident. All the credit goes to the Nomex honeycomb core. Along with durability, it also provides toughness to the racket.

Perforated cushion grip is wrapped around the entire 5 inches grip length. You will always have a firm grip on the handle to make the most powerful shots.

The width of the racket is slightly wider than regulation-sized paddles. It makes accurately hitting the ball easier, even for beginners. The center is not marked, so you may have to find it before the game.

Read the full review for Onix Z5 Pickleball

3. Gamma Micron 2.0

Gamma Micron 2.0

Gamma Micron is one of the best pickleball paddles that can be used in almost any indoor and outdoor condition. It doesn’t matter how hot humid or cold the weather is, you can always have your best game with this midweight paddle.

You will feel confident while holding this 7.6 oz paddle in your grip. This midweight tool is perfect for any rapid maneuver or steady shots.

Making the ball spin is comfortable with the textured fiberglass surface. You already know how a textured surface holds the ball for control and spin. All types of spin are possible with Micron 2 while having better control over the ball.

The core is made with a signature Aramid honeycomb structure. This ensures both power and control with each shot. Besides, both newbies and experts enjoy playing with this paddle equally.

Like the core, the 4 inches handle is wrapped with honeycomb grip. The grip is soft to absorb any shock and moisture. A 7¼ inches wide surface is enough to hit the ball with power. The extended length also helps to reach the flying balls for a controlled return.

A durable edge guard is there for extra safety so that you can use it for a long time. Approval from USAPA approval makes sure all the measurements are up to the requirements.

4. Bantam EX-L

Bantam EX-L

Bantam EX-L is heavier with a slightly elongated design. This combination is ideal for the high-powered shots with less spin. Players with stringier build prefer this model for high tension matches.

Its 8.4 oz weight is at the edge of the heavyweight paddle range. Therefore, you will find both the comfort of the mediumweight as well as the stability of the heavyweight racket.

Hitting the surface of the paddle is neither composite nor Graphite. It is made with graphic vinyl material. Control shot, and spin is difficult with this racket as the vinyl is smoother than both composite and Graphite. However, you can hit the ball with much power.

The polymer honeycomb core makes the shots quieter and the structure stronger. Polymer adds durability as well as toughness for the paddle. Its ⅛ inch overlapping edge guard works as additional safety in case of fall.

Perforated cushion wraps the long 5⅛ inches grip for your comfort and convenience. No matter how hard you hit, the paddle won’t slip out of your hand. The extra-long handle also offers better maneuverability.

With a longer length and slightly less width, this vinyl paddle will give you an extra reach for the balls. You know how crucial it is, especially when the game is close.

5. HEAD Radical Pro

HEAD Radical Pro

Elongated paddles are great for reaching the fast and wide shots. This extended reach can sometimes make the difference between a win and a loss. If you want to continue your victory lap in the court, get this elongated Radical Pro from Head.

Yes, this Radical paddle is in the heavyweight group of paddles. The 8.4 oz weight is enough to turn any ball into a shooting rocket in the court. Be careful when you are using the racket for too long. It may cause uneasiness and joint injury.

The surface is made with Fiberglass. Like Carbon, the Fiberglass is both lightweight and textured. It will make the surface rough enough to grip the ball for better control. Besides, you can also create top and side spins with the surface.

Polymer core makes it one of the quietest among the top-ranked paddles. The honeycomb core also makes the structure very stable and durable. Even if it falls from your hand, the overlapping edge guard will save the edges from any impact.

This elongated paddle comes with a 7⅞ inch width and 16 inches length. A 5 inch HydroSorb grip makes the maneuver easy. Unlike the perforated one, HydroSorb grips absorb any moisture and keep the grip firm.

Best Pickleball Paddles for Control and Finesse

1. Selkirk AMPED Epic – Best Pickleball Paddle for Professional

Selkirk AMPED Epic

Selkirk is among the best paddle makers in the market. No wonder their paddles will be the best if made for superior control. This AMPED Epic model of Selkirk has very few matches for better control and stability.

This light and medium weight pickleball tool comes with a range of 7.3 to 8.4 oz weight. The lightweight paddles range from 7.3 to 7.8 oz, whereas the heavier paddles have a weight range of 7.9 to 8.4 oz.

Textured surface made by FibreFlex materials makes it one of the aces for superior control. This signature material ensures a perfect grip on the moving ball and dampens the speed for better control. Control also generates more spin.

Special X5 polymer honeycomb reduces the impact of noise. Moreover, it lightens the overall weight and enhances durability. This soft-core can hit hard on the ball with less effort.

The handle length is 5¼ inches and wrapped with perforated cushion grip. Both perforation and soft grip material prevent any slipping while you are in the game.  Vinyl edge guard protects the edges of the paddle in case of fall.

Standard width and length make the hitting easier for the players of any skills. You can rely on the paddle as it has USAPA approval.

2. Prolite Crush

Prolite Crush

If you want to “crush” your opponent in the game, buy this composite medium paddle. The wider magnum body and quad-core honeycomb core make it one of the most desired paddles in the game.

Its 7.8 oz weight places it among the medium paddles. According to the grip, the weight can vary from 7.7 to 8 oz. However, this slight change won’t affect the power and control of this PowerSpin paddle.

The Spinach fiberglass makes up the hitting surface. This signature material of Prolite USA gives ample space to respond to any shots. Slicing and spinning are much easier with the textured surface and magnum head.

Prolite introduces the Quad-core honeycomb core structure. This is more durable than any conventional honeycombs. Besides, it makes the impact quieter while upholding the power of the shots.

Its 7⅞ inches wide magnum head is enough to reach and reply to any shots. The 15½ inch length helps to extend your ability to the outgoing balls. This regulation-sized dimension helps players of any skill level.

The comfort contour grip wraps the 5½ inch handle for comfort and control. It makes maneuvering the paddle easy with less effort.

Best Beginners Pickleball Paddles To Get Started

Beginner level pickle players need quality pickleball paddles for better control. Instead of any expensive paddles, they need durability. A paddle with a wider sweet spot and better ball control are the features they need most.

We have picked the three best budget pickleball paddles that are in a reasonable price range for beginners. These may not be the lightest pickleball paddle, but as a newbie, you will feel the difference in each stroke with these best pickleball paddles.

1. Amazin’ Aces

Amazin' Aces

Any beginner will love the graphite paddles of Amazin’ Aces. They come in a set. The set includes four pickleball paddles and one carry bag for easier transportation.

Newbies stay in a limbo between price and quality while buying their first paddle. This combo will fulfill both the requirements for them.

The paddle weighs 8.2 oz. As a midweight tool, this model of Amazin’ Aces fits perfectly in the hands of non-professional players. Due to the weight, they can quickly move the paddle without causing any harm to their joints.

Newbie players face issues with receiving and returning the balls. Control and spin come later. This graphite surface paddle aids the beginners in learning how to receive and return the serves. Due to the smooth surface and toughness, they do not move that much and make things easy for the new players.

Polymer core makes it easy to carry and play anytime. Impacts will be quiet; however, the shots will be hard. It is very common to drop the paddle, especially when you are a new player. The polymer core and edge guard protect the paddle from almost any damage.

A hand-stitched comfort grip is an exclusive feature of this pickleball tool. You won’t feel any stress for a long time for this premium grip.

2. Niupipo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Graphite

Another popular choice that makes an impression in our review is the Niupipo paddle. This medium graphite paddle is an excellent choice for beginners. More power, durability, and affordable price are its most attractive features.

This medium paddle weighs 8 oz. It may seem a bit weighty for beginners; however, the wider body and Graphite make counter the weight with maneuverability.

The carbon graphite surface offers an excellent blend of power and control over the ball. As receive and return services are more critical for novices, so the manufacturers concentrate more on the power than the control.

Polymer honeycomb core enhances the durability of the paddle. Polygonal honeycomb absorbs each impact and distributes evenly among the structure. Moving the blade is much easier due to this polymer core.

Both the length and width are standard regulation sized. Its 7⅝ inch width and 15¼ inch length make it an excellent dimension for the new players. The 4½ inch handle is wrapped with a high-quality plastic grip for more firm control and comfort.

3. Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball

Rally Tyro

Rally Tyro 2 is a lightweight paddle with a polymer honeycomb core covered by composite surfaces. Slightly narrower width and length of this paddle will boost the confidence of any beginners on the court.

The average weight of the paddle is 6.8 oz. Due to this light weight, playing with the paddle is much easier. The polymer honeycomb core is also responsible for weight and durability.

Composite playing surfaces let the ball slide and bounce back with power. Therefore, as a newbie, you will feel more confident while receiving and returning the services. Noise can be an issue with this paddle.

The 5 inch handle is another important feature of this entry-level paddle. The entire length is wrapped with a high-track moisture control grip. The grip ensures more control but a less slippery feeling.

4. Apollo Premium Graphite/Carbon Fiber

Apollo Premium Graphite

This model of Apollo Skyray is one of the best graphite pickleball paddles for intermediate and newbie players. The polymer-made honeycomb core, premium graphite face, and extra comfort cushion grip makes it the first pick for the beginners.

Apollo Premium is one of the most popular medium-weight pickleball paddles with only 8 oz weight. Controlling this graphite paddle weight is effortless with the 5 inch extra comfort grip. The cushioned comfort grip gives a firm grip and enhanced control.

You will love the dimension of the paddle while you play pickleball. The length is 10¾ inches that helps you to reach even the most far traveling ball. Both the length and 7¾ inches width also makes the sweet spot extensive enough for the most straightforward and strengthening power shots.

The polypropylene honeycomb structure of this Apollo paddle assures its place in almost every graphite pickleball paddle review. The fine-grained polymer of the structure gives the paddle enhanced performance, reinforced strength, and superior durability.

Freebies that come with this Apollo paddle make it worthy as one of the best pickleball paddles under $100. You will get 2 pickleball balls, 1 paddle cover, and an online guide for numerous techniques.

5. Upstreet Graphite Pickleball Racket


If you are looking for one of the best inexpensive pickleball paddles with premium features, buy this Upstreet graphite paddle. No matter the size of your hand, this pickleball paddle grip size fits all. Compact graphite paddle skin and polymer cores are the next great features of this graphite racket.

The very first thing noticeable of this large grip pickleball paddle is the color. Vibrant blue will ignite your excitement in no time. Later, the 15 inches length will help you to reach any ball that is trying to escape your reach. Moreover, the 7¾ inches paddle width ensures a wider sweet spot for any beginner.

The Upstreet paddle is made with superior quality graphite. The lightweight and durable nature of this material are perfect for stronger and straighter shots. Moreover, high strength means better control to some extent.

Unlike any regular 2-directions honeycomb core, this graphite paddle comes with a 3-direction core. This design is suitable for higher impact, better durability, and less noise. No matter where the game is going on, you won’t have to see grim faces.

Lastly, each paddle comes with a free racket cover. You won’t get so many great features in any cheap paddle.

6. Urtboo Graphite Pickleball Paddle

Urtboo Graphite

Urtboo is one of the best value paddles for beginners for many reasons. However, they are famous for the robust build, lightweight design, proper protection, and professional outlook. What else a newbie can ask for from one of the best pickleball paddles under $100?

The first great thing about this paddle is that it comes as a set of two. So, if you have a partner, there is nothing to stop you from getting the skill of pickeling. Moreover, you will get 4 balls,

2 covers, and 2 sweat absorbent.

This medium weight paddle is 10.6 inches long and 8.26 inches wide. Yes, the dimension may look smaller than the previous two models; however, this one is more onto power shots than ball control.

You will be surprised to see the impact of the polypropylene honeycomb core on each shot. This polymer material is designed for an optimum blend of power and ball control. Besides, the material is intended for a super quiet impact between the premium graphite surface and the pickleball.

The stamped edge guard protects the paddle from any accidental drop and dent. Similarly, the combination grip protects each of the shots by ensuring a firm grip. The combination of ripple, clasp shape for support, and perforation for moisture control are adequate to keep the paddle steady in any hands.

Best Lightweight Pickleball Paddles – Small Grip

Lightweight paddles are for better ball control and power. Both honeycomb polymer core and composite graphite lighten the weight and offer a superior impact. If you are a pro and looking for lightweight pickleball paddles and small grip sizes, go over the following paddle reviews.

Both are among the best pickleball paddles for money and superior power. Don’t forget to pack any of these two before you pack your bag.

1. Niupipo Pickleball Paddle

Niupipo Pickleball Paddle Set

The best thing about this USAPA approved graphite paddle is that it has the optimum weight distribution between the paddle and handle. It means all the shots are automatically stable, which is an excellent thing for any beginner or intermediate player.

You will get a set of two paddles with two neoprene covers. The cover is resistant to heat and moisture. Therefore, your paddle will be safe in any condition. Proprietary edge guards offer additional safety for the integrity of the paddle in any impact or dent.

The face of the paddle is made with the graphite that ensures durability and powered shots. Similarly, the stunning graphics add extra excitement for you and anxiety for the opponent. Why won’t it? The graphic can encourage any newbie to give his/her best.

The length of the paddle is moderate, 10¾ inches. It is not among the longest one but can offer enough reach for a competitive game. The width is also comfortable for the newbies to focus more on skill development.

You will also love the high-quality grip made with perforated premium grip tape material for the highest moisture control and firm grip. The 4½ inch length and 1½ inch width are perfect for any regular adult.

Lastly, the polypropylene honeycomb structure gives an upper hand to any beginner level player with optimum power and superior control. This balance is essential for them to keep the ball on track while pushing for more power.

2. Uteeqe Pickleball Paddles

Uteeqe Set

This is the lightest paddle in our review. With only a 7.8 oz weight, the Uteeqe may feel like the best edgeless pickleball paddle. However, it comes with an edge guard for premium safety. Now you can play as long as you want, but this durable paddle will keep your spirit high.

Another unique feature that makes this graphite paddle different from others is the textured surface. And you know what it means-more shot spin. Yes, now you can play power shot with a hint of spin on it. How great is that?

The polypropylene honeycomb core offers enough strength without compromising the control. Besides, it keeps the sound low and makes the game more enjoyable than ever.

The dimension of the paddle is perfect for maximum reach. You can reach any ball with a 15⅞ inches length. Additionally, the 7⅞ inches width offers an extensive and easily accessible sweet spot for anyone.

Each time you grip the paddle, the ergonomic design of the 5 inch grip will make you feel more confident than ever. Both comfort and durability will help the paddle to be fixed in your hand for better shots.

FAQs on Best Pickleball Paddles

No matter how much you know about any paddle, there are a few questions that will always pop up in your mind. We know what you will ask.

So, We have summed up the most commonly asked question about the pickleball paddle. We can guarantee that you won’t have any queries left after going over them.

Paddle Surfaces
Paddle Surfaces

What Pickleball Paddles Do the Pros Use?

When you are a pro, you don’t rely on anything. It’s your skill that speaks. The same goes for pickleball. A pro-level player can handle any paddle and still show the skills.

However, for a power-filled game, veteran players prefer a heavyweight, elongated, and smooth surface paddle. This will get better if the core is made with Polypropylene.

These features ensure more power with less effort. But when they prefer control and maneuverability over the power, they switch to a different version.

Paddles with a lightweight, textured, and wider surface with a Nomex or aluminum core is perfect for control and spin. The lightweight makes taking any shot easy without extra stress. Textured surface and the core aid super spin with each shot.

Why is Playing Spin Necessary in Pickleball?

Straight shorts are apparent and easy to predict. Whereas, a spin on your shot can deceive the opponent and win you the match. Spin adds variety and diversity in the game and makes it more competitive.

Professional table tennis players can spin the ball in any direction. It not only confuses the opponent but also keeps him/her on constant guessing.

It is easy for you to win when your opponent doesn’t know your next move. This proven strategy was narrated long ago by Sun Tzu in The Art of War. Spins in the pickleball game proved it again.

Is It Legal to Add Spin When Serving the Ball?

According to the USAPA Rulebook 2020, it is entirely legal to add spin when serving. Spin adds variation in the serve. Therefore, it is absolutely normal to add it.

Just keep one thing in mind. Try to avoid top spin during the serve. The point of impact is supposed to be under your navel, and it is not easy to hit a top spin from that height.

The only rule you need to follow is to serve the ball diagonally across the court with an underhand motion. Moreover, the ball needs to make two groundstrokes after the service and before volleying.

Do You Need Anything Else to Get More Spin from Your Shots?

Obviously, you need a paddle with a textured surface and lightweight for spin shots. However, We have learned a few tips from the veteran players. You should know them before going to a pickleball court.

  •     Keep your knee bent – It stores the power for the shot.
  •     Slow yourself down – it helps to see the ball movement
  •     Wait till the ball reaches its peak and starts falling – it is the time to hit and spin when you reach super-pro level try this.
  •     Strike the ball right after the bounce – hit on this half volley position will stop the spin it already has. Now, you can rotate it in return the way you want.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Spin with Every Shot?

Too much of anything makes you predictable. So, if you spin in every shot, the opponent will realize your limitation of shots. Moreover, he/she can return you every service back with much confidence.

Another reason for avoiding spin with every shot is joint injury. Spin requires a lot of wrist and elbow movement. If you use them too much, you will feel the pain that can lead to joint injury like tennis elbow.

According to the pro-level players, you should mix and match between the spin and powerful straight shots. This will make your game diverse and make your opponent keep guessing about the next serve or return.

Why Liquid Grip Use for Pickleball Paddles?

The liquid grip is a water-based hydro cellulose material that adds more grip to any surface. More grip means more friction and better control. This liquid material is used in the paddle surface to add more friction to spin the ball.

Mostly you will find the term ‘liquid graphite’ with the paddles. Graphite itself is not an excellent material for a spin. However, when this liquid grip is applied, it adds a more uneven surface, and the graphite surface can make spin as good as any carbon surface.

Liquid Graphite is the new edge technology in the paddle. The lightness of Graphite and high friction makes this a perfect combo for a top-ranked paddle for pickleball. This technology is mostly used in Engage pickleball paddles.

Why Graphite Paddles Are Not Suitable for Spin?

Typically, the paddle faces are made with either Graphite or Carbon and Fiberglass. Graphite has a unique chemical structure that makes it smooth. Pencil leads are made with Graphite and think how soft they feel on your skin.

Paddle surfaces made with Graphite have the same smoothness. They may be great to rub a finger on them; however, not ideal for the control and spin of the ball.

Smooth surfaces do not have the friction to grip anything on them. Thus, anything hit on those surfaces simply slide rather than stop. It makes both controlling and spinning pickleball difficult. However, the Graphite is sturdy so it can generate enough power for a quick shot.

So, in a nutshell, a graphite paddle cannot generate spin due to its smooth surface.

Why Composite Paddles Are Good for Spin?

Composite surfaces of a paddle are made with a mixture of Carbon, Fiberglass, and many other materials. These are ultralight materials that make the paddle easy to maneuver. Besides, the surface made with these materials is rougher than any graphite surface.

Think about tire tread. The more tread means more grip and less skidding. In the same way, these textured surfaces grip the balls and make it easy to control them.

When you have more control over the ball, it is effortless to put a top or sidespin on it. All the composite surface paddles in the review are great for spins and control. Thus, if you prefer control over power, try any of those models.

What Is Known as Pickleball Paddle Sweet Spot?

Technically speaking, there is no sweet spot in a paddle. The term ‘sweet spot’ is appropriate for stringed racquets.

It is the place of the racquet string that extends most and propels the ball towards the front with greater energy. The driving force behind this propulsion is the energy stored during the stretching of the strings.

The closest part that can come close to the sweet spot in a paddle is the center of mass. It is the point where the entire weight of the paddle is concentrated. If you can hit the ball with this spot, it will generate more power.

It is crucial to hitting with the center of mass when you are using a lighter paddle. However, this spot is very tiny, and it is not very easy to precisely hit the ball with it.

Which Is Better Graphite or Composite Paddle?

Both Graphite and Composite paddles have their different uses. Thus, We can’t say which one is best; however, We can suggest which one should be best for you. Do you like to hit with power and make your opponent dumbfounded with your speed? If yes, a graphite paddle is the perfect choice for you. The Graphite is very smooth, and it makes the hitting surface smooth also.

With a smooth surface, you can easily shoot the ball with more power using less effort. The only thing that can bother you is the less control and spin.
Composite paddles are excellent for more control and spin. The surface is more textured than the graphite paddle.
Therefore, the textured hitting surface grabs the ball and slows it down a little bit. This ensures better control and gives you the freedom to spin the ball either in an up-down or side-by-side direction.

Final Thoughts

Selecting the best paddle for you is a complicated task. But now it will be like a breeze. You know what factors to consider before buying one.

Nevertheless, let’s go over the factors from the beginning so that you can buy the best pickleball paddles instantly.

Firstly, decide what weight will be suitable for you without causing the tennis elbow. You can choose between light and medium weight paddle.

Materials will be the next important issue. If there is no budget issue, try to avoid wooden paddles and go for the composite, or Graphite. Price can vary depending on the core material too.

Last but not least is the grip size. We made a chart of perfectly fitting grip size according to your height. You can use it; nevertheless, holding the paddle and feeling comfortable is our recommended way.

Nothing can stop you from being triumphant in the pickleball court with the perfect paddle for pickleball. Don’t wait. Buy the best and be the best in the court.

I'm Dave Ogden, a professional pickleball player from Ogden, Utah. When I'm not dominating the court, I pour my passion into writing a blog, sharing pickleball trips and tricks. Join me as I take you on an exciting journey through the world of pickleball. Let's improve our game together!

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