Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Balls

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Indoor and Outdoor pickleballs are quite different in almost every aspect. For example, Outdoor balls are barely used for indoor playing because they can’t bounce off the hard floor and skip off.

Since most Pickleball balls are casual players, the games aren’t competitive, and most people just want to have fun. Longer gameplay gives them that, so many people prefer Indoor balls over the Outdoor variety because Indoor balls are easier to control and provide for longer rounds.

Indoor Vs. Outdoor Pickleball Balls

WeightIndoor balls are lighter in weight.Outdoor balls weigh more.
SkinIndoor balls are softer.Outdoor balls have more hardened skin.
HolesIndoor balls have 26 holes.Outdoor balls have 40 holes.
ControlIndoor balls are easier to control.Outdoor balls are harder to control.
SpinIndoor balls have more spin.Outdoor balls have less spin.
UsesIndoor balls are used for both indoor and outdoor playing.Outdoor balls are strictly used for outdoor playing.
Players LevelIndoor balls are preferred for casual games and casual players.Outdoor balls are preferred for competitions and competitive players.
DragIndoor balls have more drag.Outdoor balls have less drag.

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How Long Does Pickleballs Last?

The lifespan of Pickleball balls depends on a few things.

Generally, Indoor Pickleball balls last longer than Outdoor balls because of their softer body. Since Outdoor balls have a more rigid body, they will crack or go out of shape. Although Indoor balls do get soft spots after extended use, they last longer than other balls.

Another factor is how hard a ball is being hit. In competitions, players play to win, so naturally, professional players hit harder when playing. On the other hand, casual games are more for fun rather than any competition. So the players tend to play for fun and hit more softly. So the balls get lesser damage over time.

Playing ground is also an essential factor for a ball’s lifespan. Most indoor players play on floors. Outdoor playing involves harsh surfaces, which damages a ball faster than an indoor environment.

Indoor balls can be used to play for weeks, months, even years. Whereas Outdoor balls sometimes crack even after one game. However, it is fair to consider that Outdoor balls go through more damage than Indoor balls.

All things considered, it is safe to say that although Indoor balls last longer than Outdoor balls, it all depends on how and where you play with it.

I found a great video on The Pickleball Mafia Channel. John & Ellie nicely showed each and every difference in Pickleball Balls. They deeply researched and categorized pickleballs into 3 different levels based on the bounce spin, price, and level of playing. Let’s watch the video!

How do you choose between indoor and outdoor pickleball?

You’ll need to find out which ball works best for indoor/outdoor play based on the surface you use. Choose from a variety of pickleball balls to get the right balance of spin and weight for your style of play.

How many holes does an indoor pickleball have?

An Indoor ball has 26 holes.

How many holes in an outdoor pickleball?

Outdoor balls have more holes than indoor. Outdoor balls have 40 holes while indoor balls have 26 holes.

Can you use outdoor pickleball indoors?

It is not recommended to play indoor games with outdoor balls. They don’t bounce well on the indoor court surfaces, so if you have an indoor court, you should play with indoor pickleball.

Final Words

In conclusion, pickleballs are different from tennis balls and racquetballs in the sense that their purpose is not to hit a ball but to get it back to your partner.

Indoor balls are usually made of an inner rubber bladder which is filled with air and covered with a skin material. These types of balls are used indoors as they provide good bounce. They are also used for recreational purposes.

Outdoor balls are usually made of a polyester mesh, which makes them stronger and more durable than indoor balls.

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