Best Pickleball Paddle Grip – Replacement Grip vs Overgrip

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In pickleball, paddle grips are as crucial as paddles. No matter how expensive your paddle is, after a few years, the grip gets worn out. To enhance your grip, you can always replace your paddle grip. It is an efficient and affordable way to get the best experience from your paddle.

There are tons of high-end companies manufacturing sweat-absorbent paddle grips. To make it hassle-free for you, I have listed down the best pickleball paddle grips on the market. Go ahead and check it out.

8 Best Pickleball Paddle Replacement Grips

1. Prolite No-Sweat Diamond

Prolite No-Sweat Diamond Grip for Pickleball Paddles

Prolite is back with another bestseller. It is one of the best quality paddle grips for sweaty hands. Out of all the features, the best feature is that the grip has a cushioned surface.

This cushioned surface provides comfort and a proper grip to its players. Without the right grip, it is impossible to play pickleball.

So, for that reason, I would suggest Prolite no sweat. The diamond surface also has channels to prevent the paddle from slipping.

Paddle grips can bring a considerable change to your gameplay. This extra comfy, slip-free, and durable grip will surely amaze you.
The best part is that this grip will allow you to control your paddle completely. This control is possible only for the intricate diamond surface technology. So, if you are in search of purchasing a paddle grip, check this out!

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2. Gamma Sports Replacement Grip

Gamma Sports Replacement grips are the best way to create a solid connection between you and your pickleball paddle. Paddle replacement grips can increase control and provide a more robust response during playing.

The Gamma hi-tech gives a more gel-like feel while playing. It is extra tacky, so whenever you are playing, the paddle sort of sticks to your hand. It is one of the best pickleball paddle grips.

This gel-like material is what makes the grip more responsive and comfortable. A strong yet comfortable grip can enable you to win the match and bring the trophy home!

Besides the extra comfort, this grip ensures that your hands stay sweat-free while playing. No amount of sweat can make your paddle slip from your hands.
This is possible because the surface of the grip is made out of such materials that will allow the paddle to stick to your hand. Gamma Sports grip is the best replacement grip currently available in the market. Do check it out!

3. Z Best Tennis Racket OverGrip

Z Best Tennis Racket Grip Tape Overgrip

Z Best Tennis Racket overgrip will be your savior if you are willing to improve your grip. This overgrip can enhance your gameplay and provide the best grip!

This overgrip can provide better control. It is available in a bundle of 12. The more, the merrier, right? You can always keep an extra for you or your teammate.

It also comes with a waterproof storage bag. It will preserve your overgrips and make it easier to carry around.

The tapered end can easily stick the overgrip to your paddles. The easy application, durability, and reasonable price have made Z Best reach the top of the list of quality grip.
This grip can be applied to tennis racquets, pickleball paddles, and badminton racquets as well. It wicks away the sweat and keeps you dry most of the time.

It can also be given as a gift to your fellow picklers.

4. Senston New Racket Grip Anti Slip

Senston New Racket Grip Anti Slip Perforated Overgrip

Here at #4 we have Senston’s Racket Grip. Do not be fooled by its design; this grip is not your ordinary grip. It has amazing features like raised edges for grip enhancement and reduced shock.

This grip has been made with raised edges to provide a firm grip. They also reduce shock while returning a shot. It is also sweat-absorbent and can wick away moisture because the grip has been ventilated and perforated.

It provides a firm grasp over the paddle. Besides comfort, it is also long-lasting and more durable.
Senstons New Racket grip is available in 5 exciting colors. The Anti-Slip feature is the most remarkable of all.

5. Tourna Grip XL

Do you sweat a lot while playing? Tourna Grip will give you the best dry feeling in the court.

This XL grip has been specifically designed for tennis racquets, pickleball paddles, baseball bats, etc. You can entirely change your gameplay after applying this grip.

Tourna Grip XL is one of the very few grips that get more tacky after sweating. So, it can provide a drier feeling, and it gives you a firm grasp.

While playing pickleball, control over the paddle is essential. The material of the grip is moisture-wicking, and it sticks to your skin as you start to sweat.

There are 3 XL grips per packet. It also includes a finishing tape that can be used as a pickleball paddle edge tape.
As a competitive player who breaks a sweat while playing, Tourna might be the most appropriate choice for you. So, do check it out!

6. Alien Pros Light Tac Feel Grip

The best part about this grip is how easy it is to apply and use it. The application can take less than a minute and voila! You have a comfortable and light grip in no time.

Let’s get into more details. The alien pros grip offers a dry and firmer grasp over your paddle. You do not have to worry about your paddle slipping off. Because Alien pros material is super absorbent, and it can absorb the moisture.

For this reason, this grip can always provide a dry feeling. The application method is just a pickleball handle wrap. All you have to do is wrap it around your paddle handle.

Besides the application, this grip provides the most ideal tacky and dry feeling to its players. There are a few grips that provide a very tacky feeling, which is a bit annoying.

But with this, you will feel a strong connection with your paddle while playing. So, hurry up and buy it!

7. Zingther Professional Premium Super Tacky Overgrip

Zingther Premium provides the most professional quality features. This overgrip is super tacky. When I say super, I really mean it’s SUPER TACKY.

This is not an exaggeration; the material of the overgrip is soft, durable, and has strong self-adhesive. The rubbery cushioning is very comfortable and sweat absorbent.

Aren’t sweaty hands an instant disadvantage while playing an intense match? Well, for that reason, Zingther Professional can rescue you!

Not only is the rubbery cushioning comfortable, but it is also very durable. You do not have to worry about accidental slip offs while playing because this overgrip will do justice to your paddle handle.
The performance, durability, and super absorbent material are truly what make buying this overgrip worth it!

8. Yonex Elasticity Anti-Slip Overgrip

Last but not least. Here at #8, we have the Yonex Elasticity Anti-Slip overgrip. The performance is just as promising as the name.

Replacing grip tapes are very important. If you do not replace it, you will slowly lose your control from the paddle. Re-gripping does wonders for a pickleball paddle.

The grip provides the perfect balance of comfort, dryness, and efficiency. The material is very sweat-absorbent, and it can leave your hands absolutely sweat-free.

The overgrip is pre-cut, so it is effortless to apply. All you have to do is wrap it around the handle of your pickleball paddle. And it will be good as new!

This overgrip is also available in a variety of colors. The performance of this grip might not be as good as #1, but it sure does get the job done.

Considerations before Buying a Pickleball Paddle Grip

Investing in a good pickleball Paddle grip can always benefit you. A good grip can build a stronger bond between you and your pickleball paddle. Pickleball is all about controlling the paddle and bashing strokes.

For that, you must have a good grip. Re-gripping your paddle can always help. But before choosing the right paddle grip, there are a few factors that need to be considered. They are explained below,

Grip Sizes

This is the most crucial aspect. While choosing the best pickleball paddle grip, make sure you are always selecting the correct size. If you are stuck between two sizes, always go for the smaller one. Here’s why,

A smaller grip allows more wrist action. As a result, not only will you have immense control over your paddle, but you can also serve powerful shots. With smaller grips, it is even easier to switch hands while playing. As for larger grips, it provides more stability while playing. But by using both of the sizes, you can definitely sort out the right size for yourself.

Most paddle grips sizes range from 4 to 4 1/2 inches in circumference. The common grip sizes are 4, 4 1/8, 4 ¼, and 4 1/2 inch circumference.

Size – Why does grip size matter?

Grip size mostly matters because players often end up hurting themselves by playing with the wrong size. A wrong sized paddle handle can injure your wrist and make it hard for you to play. So, it is always better to pick the right sized pickleball paddle.

Grip Variations

It might seem very simple to grab a pickleball whole handle. To play in your maximum ability, you must know about the grip size variations.

The standard grip in pickleball is the continental grip. It is also known as a “hammer grip.” Besides the standard grip, there are other types—strong, weak, and neutral grip.

Firstly, in case of a neutral grip, your hand is supposed to show a “V” grip shape while holding the paddle. If the “V” shape is in the middle, then you have a neutral grip. Most people prefer a neutral grip over other grip styles. This position will enable you to shoot the majority of the shots. It’s very useful for forehand and backhand drives.

Secondly, in the strong grip, the “V” shape is slightly inclined towards the right. This strong continental pickleball grip is perfect for aggressive shots. To get this grip, you have to start with a neutral grip. Then you can move your hand towards the right. In this way, you can exert maximum pressure while hitting shots. It is perfect for overhead smashes.

Lastly, the weak grip. Most people have not found a purpose for the weak grip. It is almost impossible to hit overhead smashes with this grip. So, I would recommend using a strong grip or neutral grip.

Out of these three grips, it always comes down to what you prefer. So try them out and find the most appropriate grip.

Switching Hands

This method is something professionals can do almost flawlessly. It takes years of practice to master the art of switching hands while playing.

You can continue playing with one hand. But switching your hands can also be at your advantage. Before learning how to switch hands, you need to grip your paddle properly. Imagine that you are shaking hands with a person. The paddle is the person’s hand. In this method, you can firmly grip your paddle.

Secondly, if you are playing in a bigger court size, it is safe to switch your hands. Switching hands requires time as well. So, in a bigger court, you can swiftly switch your hands. Thirdly, you need to practice playing with your weaker hand. A right-handed person’s weaker hand is usually their left hand. And lastly, be careful not to drop your paddle while switching. This is very important.

Finger on Surface

Having a finger on the surface of the paddle can ensure more stability than usual. Those who play table tennis are automatically inclined towards putting their finger on the surface.

It can be more than one finger. This method can help you determine which stroke you can play. However, it does put your finger at risk of being hit.

Overgrip Vs Replacement Grip

An overgrip is an additional grip that is applied over your original grip. It might sound a bit confusing, but there is a slight difference between overgrips and replacement grips.

In the case of overgrips, you can apply it over your existing grip. But specific overgrip models have different features. They are textured, non-slip surfaces, tacky surfaces, etc. These features only exist in overgrips. Overgrips provide a stronger control over your paddle. If you have a budget paddle and you have used an overgrip, then it can function as well as a high-end one.

On the other hand, replacement grips are used to replace your existing paddle grip. When re-gripping your paddle is no good, you have to think about replacement grips. It enables players to have more power and better spin while shooting.

Grip for the Pickleball Backhand Drive

Backhand shots can put you on the higher ground in the court. That is if you can manage to shoot backhand shots. Pickleball Backhands shots can be served consistently. But first, you need a proper grip. Besides the gripping techniques, you can get additional help.

If you have sweaty hands, an anti-slip grip enhancer can work for you. All you have to do is spray it and rub it on your fingers. It will leave a dry feeling. You will feel a tacky feeling on your fingertips. In this way, you do not have to worry about any sort of slippage.

Gamma Tacky Towel Grips are another way to prevent slippage. It is made of non-toxic beeswax. The best feature of it is that they repel moisture and increase traction. These towels last between 3-6 weeks. They are also an effective way to prevent slippage.

FAQs on Pickleball Paddle Grips

Why do you want a new grip for your paddle?

The original grips of pickleball paddles usually get worn off after a few years. Re-gripping or adding an extra overgrip can always make your paddle feel brand new.

How Properly Do You Hold a Pickleball Paddle?

There are different types of grips while holding a pickleball paddle—for instance, Continental, Western, and Eastern Forehand Grip.

For beginners, holding a pickleball paddle is like shaking hands. You have to think of the paddle as another person’s hand. In this way, there will be a V shape. This is a continental grip, and it is the most common grip.

What is the wrong pickleball paddle grip?

If you have difficulty directing your shots towards a particular direction, then you have the wrong grip. We would always recommend players to start with continental grips.

What should you look for in a pickleball grip?

Getting the right grip size might be a bit difficult the first time. But there is a method to determine the correct size.

After gripping the paddle, if your index finger of your other hand can slip through your fingertips holding the paddle, then you have the right size. Your index finger should lay perfectly between the fingertips.

What is the continental grip?

Continental grip is the most common grip. It is perfect for beginners. You have to pretend to be shaking your hands with the paddle. And there you have your continental grip.

Which grip is right for pickleball drop shots, resets, and slices?

The continental grip would be the most appropriate grip for drop shots, resets, and slices. After all, it is very efficient and flexible.

Final Words

Choosing the right pickleball paddle grip can enhance your gameplay. You can notice a remarkable change after replacing the worn out paddle grip.

Pickleball is a sport where players need their appropriate gear along with skills. There are so many types of grip sizes and replacement grips that might confuse you. So, I have listed it down to the best pickleball paddle grips. Hopefully, you can get the right grip after reading this.

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