Best Pickleball Paddle for Spin In 2023 | Reviewed By Pro Players

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A whirlpool can create spin in the tub, but for a killer spin on the court, you will need the best pickleball paddle for spin. Veteran picklers know the trickier the spin higher the mastery of the player.

If you want to make your opponent perplexed with spin of the ball, it is essential to get quality pickleball paddles for durability and diversity in the game. Finding the perfect paddle is not easy, but as long as we are here, the fun will never be ruined.

We have rounded up the top 5 high-quality and durable pickleball paddles that will make your competitor’s guessing forever. So let’s not keep you in any guessing anymore and dig into the business.

Top 5 Pickleball Paddle for Spin

1. Prolite Rebel PowerSpin

Prolite Rebel PowerSpin Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight – 7.5 to 8.1-oz
  • Length – 16-inches
  • Width – 7 13/16-inches
  • Grip Size – 4¼-inches PROLITE Comfort
  • Core – Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Surface – Textured Fiberglass Composite
Prolite Rebel PowerSpin Paddles

If you are looking for a paddle for a genuine spin, the Prolite rebel is the best choice. It is one of the perfect pickleball paddle for spin you can get.

The surface is made with textured fiberglass composite; it means you can have better control of the ball and its spin. It is also a lightweight paddle that won’t put any strain on your hand. However, the controlled spin will definitely put pressure on your opponent.

You will enjoy the extensive sweet spot and expansive reach with Prolite, one of the best composite pickleball paddles. The dimension and thickness are perfect for a medium-powered controlled game.

Finally, if you are not a fan of sharp noise during service, don’t miss this paddle. It is one of the quietest, and USAPA approved that.

2. Onix Composite Z5

Onix Composite Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight – 8.4 – 9.2-oz
  • Length – 15½-inches
  • Width – 8⅛-inches
  • Grip Size – 5-inches Tennis Handle
  • Core – Nomex Honeycomb Core
  • Surface – Composite

On the first look, two things about this Onix paddle will impress you. First, the weight and second, the outlook. This heavyweight paddle is an ideal choice for those who want an extra oomph behind each shot.

The trendy screen-print on the composite surface makes the paddle irresistible to almost anyone, just like your eyes glued to the paddle, the ball will do the same on the textured surface. This intimacy will ensure an intriguing spin on any court.

You will love the dimension for better reach and the perfect shot. No matter if you are still making progress on the game, the sweet spot is wide enough to allow your best shot. The weight will generate more power, and in this way, you may have to compromise a bit with the spin.

Read our full review for Z5 paddles.

3. Engage Encore Pro PickleballBest pickleball paddle for power and spin

Engage Encore Pro Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight – 7.8 – 8.3-oz
  • Length – 15½-inches
  • Width – 8⅛-inches
  • Grip – 4¼-inches
  • Core – Polypropylene / Polymer Honeycomb
  • Surface – Fiberglass
Engage Encore

Another durable pickleball paddle in our review is the Engage Pro pickleball paddle. This is a famous model known for both control and spin. The medium-weight range and textured surface combine to make it a unique one.

The dimension of the surface is optimum for spinning any ball with confidence. You may not get the best reach with it but once reached hitting with the sweet spot is easier. In fact, the spot is marked on the fiberglass surface. So, it’s not possible to miss the shot.

Polymer core is durable enough to generate enough rebounding force. However, you will find the striking difference with Nomex cores. One of the best things about the core is the noise reduction. It is certified by the USAPA.

Weight is perfect for any average adult. Even teenagers can try it.

4. Prince Spectrum Pro

Prince Spectrum Pro Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight – 7.8 – 8.3-oz
  • Length – 15¾-inches
  • Width – 8¼-inches
  • Grip – 5-inches
  • Core – Polypropylene Honeycomb
  • Surface – Textured Fiberglass

Extremely soft feel but can be real hard on opponents-this supposed to be the motto of this rounded-shaped paddle. You can feel the smoothness of the surface but it will surprise you with spin on the ball.

The term ‘linear progressive’ comes with the 9/16-inch core. It means the more power you put on each shot the more energetic the ball movement will be. Rounded shape of the paddles along with this progressive linear core gives you the freedom to take almost any shots from soft ding to hard volleys.

5. Selkirk Prime S2

Selkirk Prime Pickleball Paddle


  • Weight – 7.4 – 7.9-oz
  • Length – 15¾-inches
  • Width – 8-inches
  • Grip – 4½-inches
  • Core – X4 polymer core
  • Surface – FibreFlex fiberglass

Prime S2 is one of the most great quality pickleball paddles from Selkirk. Four trendy color pallets, textured composite surface, and extended dimension make it one of the most desired pickleball equipment for pickleball.

Weight of the paddle is quite reasonable for any average adult. Spiral padded grip also counters the weight for better control and force behind every shot. Textured surface of the paddle face grips the ball for extra time and makes it spin any way you want.

X4 polymer core is one of the signature features of these best composite pickleball paddles. The design and distribution of the honeycomb structure evenly distribute the impact and makes it easy for anyone to play effortlessly.

Fiberglass surface makes it durable and the edge guards safeguards the edges with overlapping safety. When you have such great features and a superior safety net, it will not be an issue to cover the court like a pro and return each service with the strength of a tennis player.

Buying Guide for the Perfect Pickleball Paddle for Spin

If you are really on to picking the best pickleball paddle for a perfect spin, the following factors will be handy for you. Go over them before choosing the right spin-maker on the court.

Paddle Hitting Surface Size

The size of the hitting surface of the paddle can influence the spin and control of the ball. You can try with wider, longer, or oblong paddles but will get the best pickleball spin from the standard size paddles.

Any standard size surface comes with 8-inches length and around 15-inches width. This dimension offers the optimum and large sweet spot to add spin on any type of ball. Besides, this large sweet spot makes things more comfortable for the newbies to get some spin.

With longer and oblong paddles, you can get an extended reach. This reach can make a difference in a high-intensity game, where covering the full extent of the court is crucial. However, you may not like the spin these long-bodied paddles offer.

Paddle Weight

Weight and resultant force have a direct relationship. A heavyweight object will always generate more power than a lighter object. And you will see the same pattern with pickleball paddles. Heavier paddles create more power and faster shots.

However, when you are on to spin that strength, only the lighter paddle has the solution. The weight of the paddle is enough to generate optimum force for better control and maneuverability. The weight of the pickleball paddles ranges from 6 to 14-oz. If you want superior spin, try the lighter range.

Before you buy a paddle, grab it and put a few shadows on the mirror. If you feel the weight comfortable and match your style, you got the one!

Paddle Materials

You will find a wide range of diversity in the material of the best pickleball paddle for spin. They are made of wood, polymer, composite, and graphite.

Wood pickleball paddles are the pioneer of the game. The sports started with these heavier paddles—no wonder the weight will compromise the spinning of the balls. If you prefer durability over control, this can be a perfect choice.

If you are looking for a cheap pickleball paddle for spin, go for polymer made paddles. They are a combination of plastic and resin to create a lightweight and durable material. Performance-wise, polymer paddle is at the bottom of the ranking; however, you can get a little bit of spin from them.

Composite is the most advanced material for pickleball paddles. Pickleball players love these for ultra-lightweight and durability. This fiberglass material comes with a textured surface for better control and superior spin. Most of the expensive pickleball paddles are made of composite material with fiberglass and graphite face.

Shape of Paddle

Pickleball paddles come in many different shapes. However, the standard, wide, long, and oblong shapes are the most common. For a legal pickleball serve, the standard-shaped paddles are perfect. The sweet spot is much broader, and it is easy to hit the ball precisely.

No wonder you will get more spin from it.

Wider paddles are great for more power, whereas the longer version offers you more reach. The oblong-shaped paddles also provide far greater reach during a high-intensity game.

USAPA Approval

The USAPA approval means the paddle meets all the requirements to be called as a compatible pickleball paddle. The approval ensures the paddle maintains the legitimate dimension, weight, materials, and manufacturing processes.

If you have a USAPA approved paddle on your hand, you can be sure about its quality and features. And no one can deny the effect of a high-quality paddle on the spin.

Questions May Pop up in Your Mind For Spin Paddle

Do I Need A New Paddle For Spin?

Not all the pickleball paddles are perfect for a spin. Only the best composite pickleball paddles can swing the balls to keep your opponent guessing in the court. Other paddles like wood, graphite, or polymer do not offer professional quality spin.
Therefore, if you do not have any composite paddle and badly want to add spin in the shot, you may have to get a new paddle for swing.

Is A Spin Serve Legal In Pickleball?

Yes, legal pickleball serve can spin. But it’s like kissing a frog. Everyone knows the risk, but only a handful will take the risk. Unless you are a pro-level pickler, it’s better not to try.
However, you can have back, and top spin serves if confident enough. The top spin will make the ball move faster at a low height after the first bounce. On the contrary, back spin makes the ball bounce higher but at a slower speed.

How Important Is Playing Spin In Pickleball?

Rather than essential, spin adds variety and excitement in the pickleball game. During the service, a spin can make it interesting by keeping the opponent on the guess. In contrast with a no-spin serve, this will make the shot exciting for each side.
While receiving and returning the shots, the top or back spin will make the opposite side cover more ground and stretch the reach to get the ball. Guess how intensified the game will turn into! Moreover, playing spin will ensure you are getting the mastery to face more formidable opponents in the future.

Why Is It Important To Avoid Playing Spin With Every Shot?

Too much of anything, even the best, is not that good. Spin is one of the most effective tactics in pickleball to outrun opponents. However, too much of it will ruin the game in two ways.
First, it will make you predictable. The other side will be not in any guess because they know you are about to launch either a top or back spin. You lost the element of surprise.
Secondly, playing spin requires both skill and energy. You may be skilled like a pro, but the energy level will drop too fast with too much spin.

Final Note

You may love the whirl in your mind while seeing someone special. However, your opponent in the pickleball court won’t love to face the twist on the ball when you have the best pickleball paddle for a spin.

The task is as easy as a breeze because your option is narrowed down to the best 5 paddles. The buying guide is complete enough to make you choose the right one according to your skill and strength. If you still have some issues, the FAQ will ensure peace of mind.

It’s the time to hit the court and create a vortex on the ball as well as on your opponent’s mind. Have happy pickling.

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