Is Pickleball Easier Than Tennis?

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Many people are interested in racket sports but are intimidated by the physical strain involved in these games. Tennis, in particular, can be one of the most taxing racket games to play. Its strict rules and complex playing techniques can make it challenging at times.

This is where pickleball truly thrives. Its basic principles are similar to tennis, but its ease of play remains a distinct advantage. Even though pickleball is easier than tennis, the fun and excitement you get from this game are unparalleled.

The article covers numerous topics that address whether pickleball is easier than tennis or not. In addition, we talked about several factors that you should consider before choosing which game is right for you.

Why is Pickleball Easier than Tennis?

Playing pickleball is easier than tennis because the fundamentals of the game are easy to learn and practice. There are also some other reasons why pickleball is often regarded as a less stressful alternative to tennis. Let’s see them.

Less Physical Involvement

A pickleball court is much smaller than a tennis court. You are likely to cover less distance than a tennis player no matter how much you run. Pickleball also does not require constant back and forth running. The game is, therefore, less strenuous on the body than tennis.

This does not mean you do not have to be physically fit to play pickleball. If you are unfit, you will not be able to serve and shoot continuously for very long.

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Fewer Powerful Shots

Power serves are extremely useful in tennis since they lay the foundation for effective swings and kicks. Tennis players can utilize powerful plays to become more dynamic and better prepared for unexpected situations.

Pickleball is not as power-intensive as tennis. Sure, you can hit a few shots with maximum power, but they need to be precise. Pickleball is more about shot placement than anything else.

Simpler Rules

Tennis players commit a double fault when they lose their serve twice in a row. This results in one point deducted from their score. This rule and a few others can be incredibly frustrating and difficult to follow.

Fortunately, pickleball is an exception to the double fault rule and several others. Nevertheless, pickleball has its fair share of hard-to-follow rules as well. For example, one called the no volley zone rule prohibits a player from being in a particular spot when making a volley.

Less Movement

The movements in tennis require a lot more directional change than in pickleball. They are primarily lateral movements that allow the player to pull off a variety of strokes comfortably.

Pickleball does not require lateral direction changes. Pickleball players need to be agile and have fast reaction times, just like tennis athletes.

Lower Injury Concerns

Unlike tennis, you don’t have to move vigorously in pickleball. There are no strokes in the game that can hurt you. There is also an even pace to the game. As a whole, pickleball is not as intense as tennis, which decreases the likelihood of injuries.

Why Is Pickleball Better Than Tennis?

One of the fastest-growing racket sports in the US is pickleball. Multiple factors have contributed to its growth. These are also why some people believe it is a better game than tennis. Let’s look at five of those reasons that might support the claim.

Easy to Start

Getting started with pickleball does not require a great deal of preparation. You don’t have to be in shape or have prior knowledge to play this game.

Better Pace

Pickleball does not necessitate a deep understanding of fundamentals, unlike tennis. Due to this, the game runs at such a fast pace that it is impossible to get bored.

Uncomplicated Techniques

Specific pickleball rules and techniques can be challenging for first-time players. However, most of them are simple to understand and take a short time to learn. Therefore, newcomers do not have a tough time learning them.

Minimal Physical Risk

Pickleball is far less stressful on joints and muscles compared to tennis. It is even one of the best aerobic workouts that reduce the risk of several physical illnesses when played regularly.

Great for Beginners

Folks interested in racket sports often have trouble deciding which one to pick. Most of them need you to be in top physical shape and well-versed in the rules and a few more complicated requirements.

In such an environment, pickleball stands out as the simplest form of the game. This is the biggest reason pickleball over tennis is gaining popularity among beginners.

Does Pickleball Hurt Your Tennis Game?

Pickleball can adversely affect your tennis game, while it can also help you improve as a tennis player. Let’s see some of the ways pickleball impacts your tennis game.

Potential Benefits

Let’s talk about the positive things first.

Enhanced Balance

As stated before, the no-volley zone rule in pickleball is among the toughest to follow. It can be challenging to keep the body from slipping into certain positions when hitting a volley.

Furthermore, as you continue to practice and improve your ability to follow this rule, your balance improves. Later on, you can utilize that same balance to play tennis.

Better Precision

With pickleball, you become more accurate at tennis than you were before. The rackets and balls are considerably smaller and lighter in pickleball than in tennis. Although hitting precise shots is not easy with a small bat, you must do so to win. The accuracy you develop from pickleball applies to tennis as well.

Potential Drawbacks

However, it comes with a few limitations as well.

Low Stamina

Tennis is a physically demanding game since it has an extensive playing area. Compared to this, pickleball courts are smaller. Playing on small grounds will not build the stamina you need for tennis. You will have a hard time playing an entire game of tennis due to a lack of stamina.

Power Shortage

If you play pickleball for a long time, your ability to deliver powerful serves will deteriorate. It is rare to see pickleball players serve at 150+ km/h since accuracy is more crucial in this game than speed. In tennis, however, these superfast serves are encouraged.

So, if you are still wondering, “will pickleball hurt my tennis game?” The answer is yes, but it also brings improvement to your game. It depends on how you approach pickleball, how long you have played it, and how long you have been away from tennis.



Getting into pickleball is a breeze for someone new to racket games. There are not a hundred rules, and the few that exist are straightforward to learn.

Court Size

There is not a lot of distance to cover on the pickleball court because it is small. For this reason, you don’t get exhausted too quickly.


The scoring rules are less complicated with pickleball since it does not have terms like deduce, ad, and love. To win the game, you have to score 11.


Skill Ceiling

Tennis is filled with techniques that can’t be mastered overnight. Performing flawless strokes and shots will require daily practice. You won’t become a great player in this game due to the exceptionally high skill ceiling. If you reach a certain level, you will beat pickleball players of any level.


Tennis has already gained global recognition, whereas pickleball is only prevalent in the United States. If you plan to leave the US and continue to play racket sports, it might be better to learn a little tennis.


Various places offer free tennis facilities where you can play for no cost. However, you cannot use the same court for pickleball as the game needs a unique net. Furthermore, you can easily find tennis rackets and balls at reasonable prices.

Final Words

So how is pickleball easier than tennis? It is easier mainly because there is less physical effort and fewer rules and techniques. Nevertheless, it does not mean you should possess no relevant skills to play the game. It would help if you had good agility, stamina, and reflexes to continue playing pickleball for a long time.

Although pickleball is easier than tennis, this does not make tennis any less exciting sport. Just like we mentioned in the article, it has its perks and a couple of drawbacks.

FAQs Section

Is pickleball easier to learn than tennis?

Yes, learning pickleball is easier than tennis. Since there are hardly any complex techniques in pickleball, playing the sport does not require extensive effort.

Tennis is more reliant on the factors that make it an excellent sport for professionals. Several aspects of tennis, including the rules, movements, and discipline, are profound and rigorous. Moreover, the sport is not fast-paced.

It is hard to find another racket sport as exciting as tennis and pickleball. It is even harder to pick one of these two because they offer something unique. Regardless, here are the benefits of both games to decide which one to play.

Yes, pickleball is easier on your knees than tennis. Despite this, pickleball can still cause knee problems.

Every racket sport, including pickleball, takes a toll on your knees. You gradually damage your cartilage because of the constant starts, stops, and twists in racket games. As a result of a lack of cartilage in the knee joints, the bones do not get adequate protection. Therefore, your knees degenerate faster.

As the movements mentioned above are more common in tennis than in other racket sports, you are more likely to suffer knee injuries by playing this game.

Knee discomforts are also possible with pickleball. However, they are relatively rare since pickleball does not involve intense movements.

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