Can You Play Pickleball on Grass?

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Pickleball is a fun family game that can be played anywhere, but can you play pickleball on grass? This game is a modified version of tennis and table tennis and can be played indoors and outdoors.

The most common concern for playing on grass is that grass can be long and wet from rain, and the uneven surface can cause injury to players. Is it possible to avoid these shortcomings and play this game on the grass?

With the proper preparation of the court, net, and outfit, some of those shortcomings can be avoided. If you can create the space for pickleball, playing on grass will be as fun as playing on concrete!

Want to find out how all that comes together? Keep reading!

History of Pickleball

Pickleball was a game invented by Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard in 1965, who were looking for ways to mitigate the boredom of their family members.

Since they couldn’t find enough rackets for tennis for their peers, they decided to play with a Wiffle ball and ping pong paddles. That’s how pickleball started its career in the world of human games.

As the gentlemen tested and tried the game in different ways, finally, in 1967, they built the first pickleball court in Bob O’Brian’s backyard. Before, they played pickleball with a tennis net of 60 inches. Eventually, they lowered the net down to 36 inches so that the Wiffle ball could bounce.

However, the game took off in the market until 1972, when pickleball equipment was first manufactured and sold to the public. Currently, there are 4000 Pickleball Associations in the United States.

How to Play Pickleball on Grass

Pickleball is an age-friendly game that anybody will enjoy spending their free time doing. Since pickleball is usually played on a hard surface, such as a tennis court, many people question whether it can be played on grass.

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The Game Should be Casual

The setting has to be prepared accordingly to play this awesome game on grass. You have to use a different type of ball, and the game should be more casual.

Scan the Ground for Holes and Dips

A public park or your backyard can be the right option for this game. Ensure there are no holes and dips on the grass court, or else injury is imminent.

Trim the Grass for Easy Movement

The grass is not the ideal place for balls to bounce. So, to make the ball flexible, cut the grass on the park or lawn short.

Trimmed grass ensures the players can move along the surface smoothly without interruption.

Lastly, draw a boundary on the grass with spray paint to signify that there is a court.

Use the Right Ball for Grass

The ball you choose for pickleball on grass must be made of rubber or something similar. This ensures the ball bounces off the grass during the play, and also, the players can scout it out.

What Do You Need to Play Pickleball on Grass?

You just need some essential sportswear to get started with this game. But if you are serious about conquering this game against your peers, you better get more sophisticated gear. The five basic pieces of equipment for pickleball are a ball, paddle, a net, the right apparel, and a court.


At first, pickleball was played with a Wiffle ball. These days, you can find balls designed explicitly for pickleball which are lightweight with holes. The balls can differ based on whether you’re playing it indoors or outdoors.


The paddles for pickleball are bigger than table tennis rackets but smaller than tennis rackets. They are made from aluminum, graphite, wood, and others. A wooden paddle would be difficult for beginners, even though it’s pretty cheap.


The official pickleball net should be 36 inches in height and 22 inches in width. It should be durable, and the steel must be powder-coated for rust prevention.


Luckily, there is no specific uniform for pickleball. Put on some shorts, a t-shirt, a cap, and tennis shoes to get started with the game.


As for the court pickleball, it’s 44 feet long and 20 feet wide. It’s the same as a double’s badminton court.

Drawbacks of Playing Pickleball on Grass

Although it can be fun to play pickleball on grass, it’s not that easy. The grass is not even the ideal surface to play this game on. This is because –

Grass Has Uneven Surface

Grass surfaces always have dips, holes, or slopes that are unavoidable if you play in the backyard or park. It’s not the same as playing on concrete and asphalt courts. Hence, you must trim the grass short for easy movement of the players and the ball.

Bad Weather Can Hinder the Game

On top of uneven surfaces, bad weather can delay your game of pickleball with peers. Although asphalt surfaces can be cleaned and dried quickly, it’s like that for grass plains. Unless the grass field is dry and trimmed, you won’t be able to move soon, see the ball, or maneuver it.

Difficult to Play on Grass

If you play pickleball in the park, there is the issue of other players playing other games on the same field.

Your legs will tire out more easily when you play on grass, so keep that in mind. So, when a ball hits you deep into the court, the players will struggle to chase the ball down.

Final Thoughts

Did this article answer your question – can you play pickleball on grass? Hopefully, it did.

There are ways to play it on grass, but don’t ignore the drawbacks. Grass can be slippery, challenging to maneuver, and bad weather conditions can cancel the game.

You should also watch out for holes, slopes, and dips in the grass field. The best strategy is to play on artificial grass.

Although there are other options, playing on grass is not so bad if you have taken care of the drawbacks.

Furthermore, wearing the right pickleball gear can save you from unwanted injury.

FAQs Section

What Surface Can You Play Pickleball on?

The best places to play pickleball are court tiles, asphalt, and concrete. These surfaces are strong, supportive, non-slippery, and easy to clean.

With court tiles, you can lay them down both indoors and outdoors. Besides, hardwood and gym floors are great places to play pickleball.

However, you won’t break any bones if you fall on the grass or sand (at the beach). But you will if you trip and fall flat over asphalt and concrete.

Can You Play Pickleball on Synthetic Grass?

Yes. It’s so common for people to enjoy playing pickleball on synthetic grass. Artificial grass eliminates those issues since playing on hard surfaces can be painful for your knees, feet, and legs.

Artificial grass is durable, player-friendly, promotes better ball bouncing, is available in various colors, and installation and maintenance are easy with efficient drainage for rainy days.

What is the Best Surface for a Pickleball Court?

The best surface for a pickleball court is asphalt, concrete, artificial grass, gym floor, hardwood floor, court tiles, and even your driveway.

Can You Play Pickleball without a Net?

Pickleball is generally played on a court similar to tennis. The court size is 20 feet x 44 feet. Like the tennis net, the pickleball net is hung at ground level and measures 36 inches x 22 feet.

The pickleball net is a necessity because it prevents the ball from passing over to the other side of the court. Ideally, the net should be placed in the middle of the court. It should be 36 inches high on the sides and 34 inches tall in the center.

Is Pickleball an Affordable Game to Play?

As pickleball requires less expensive equipment to play, you can consider it an affordable game option. Furthermore, you can play it anywhere- in the park, driveway, beach, and at the gym. The tools are also available in every store and accessible to people of all ages and income groups.

How Often Should a Pickleball Grass Court Be Maintained?

Ideally, you should trim the grass whenever you notice it has grown too much, just like you mow the lawn. That can be a week.

But for pickleball, you need to keep the grass cut short. Even a little bit of grass here and there can get in the way of the game.

The good news is that you don’t need expensive equipment to maintain a pickleball grass court. Practically, anybody can take up the job of mowing the grass and cleaning up the net for upcoming games.

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