How Many Calories Does Pickleball Burn?

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We burn calories all day long, from doing something as simple as walking to more vigorous activities like sprinting, jumping, etc.

Pickleball is an exciting game and a remarkable form of exercise that burns up plenty of calories too!

But when playing, exactly how many calories does pickleball burn? The answer to this question is intricate. Multiple factors need to be considered, such as your age, weight, gender, and intensity of the game.

This article will answer some of the most common queries people have regarding what pickleball has to do with calorie burning and weight loss.

How Many Calories Does Pickleball Burn?

Indisputably, pickleball is a wonderful game that packs the best of both worlds. It’s as entertaining as ping-pong and requires constant wind-sprints of a tennis match.

A game of pickleball burns about 8-11 calories each minute and roughly 1000-1200 calories in a two-set match. However, this value can be more or less dependent on the nature of the game. Some of the key factors are –


A friendly game of pickleball burns fewer calories than an ambitious one. Usually, a casual game involves 4-5 thousand steps, whereas a full-blown play takes about 6-7 thousand steps. This should give you a clear insight into how much energy you’re likely to exert when playing.

Match Duration

The USAPA (United States of America Pickleball Association) states that the matches must be played in the best 2-of-3 games to 11 points when running a tournament.

That means a regular game of pickleball ends within an hour. This sums to an average of 300 to 445 calories burned in a single match of 60 minutes. At greater magnitude, you can burn as much as 600 calories. An exciting way to burn calories, isn’t it?

Intensity and Frequency

The amount of calories burned differs from playstyle to playstyle. A fierce match with a rival takes more energy than a simple game with a friend.

Frequency also plays a pivotal role in this matter. Keeping a balance in frequency and intensity will bring about better calorie exertion. Playing a single set 3 times a week will burn more calories than playing only once a week.

Most of the pickleball’s calorie-burning quality depends on the pace and intensity of the play. If you plan to burn more calories, don’t be afraid to take it up a notch!

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Physical Health and Body Mass

More muscles mean more energy consumption. The better your physique, the more calories you will use in a single match. During light gameplay, a 200lbs player burns up 675 calories in a 60-minute match. At the same time, a player weighing 150lbs exerts only 500 calories under the same conditions.

A 150lbs player will burn 750 cars at a greater pace, and a player weighing 200lbs might burn up to almost a thousand calories!

So, a match lasting one hour depletes 350-400 calories on average, which is similar to racquetball or tennis.

How many Calories do 30 Minutes of Pickleball Burn?

A single match of pickleball usually lasts about 55-60 minutes. A game lasting 30 minutes should burn about 350-470 calories based on the player’s characteristics. A moderate match uses 250 calories, whereas a rigorous game will take up 300 calories.

Benefits of Playing Pickleball

Pickleball is an outstanding game that helps you stay fit and have fun at the same time. Besides being a fantastic way of improving one’s physical health, it also enlightens the mind and soul!

Let’s have a peek at some of its marvelous benefits –

Prevent Obesity

Are you searching for a fun way to lose weight? If so, then pickleball is the answer you’ve been looking for.

It’s a fast-paced, interactive game that can burn upto 600 calories every hour! pickleball is also an excellent cardiovascular activity that can help you achieve a healthier body and a healthier heart.

Moreover, it’s also a low-impact activity that doesn’t put too much pressure on the bone joints, making pickleball ideal for elderly citizens.

Recent studies have also shown that regular Pickleball players ranging from 50-60 are 3 percent leaner compared to others of that age.

Increased Strength

Players need to train regularly to perform better. This defines the body requiring better endurance, lung capacity, and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, strengthening loose muscles also improves your skill. Pickleball is a great choice if you’re looking for alternate ways to cross-train.

Pickleball isn’t as tiring as racquetball or tennis, but interactive enough to keep you motivated!

Prevent Diabetes

Any kind of physical activity that elevates heart rate is good for your overall well-being, and pickleball is no exception to that.

A study conducted on 60-year-olds with type-2 diabetes revealed that their plasma insulin and c-peptide production increased by a generous amount after playing pickleball for 90 minutes twice a week.

Stress Management

A study executed by the Harvard T.H. Chan School for Public Health found that regular outdoor exercises lower the risk of developing depression by 26%.

Pickleball and similar exercises relieve stress, boost mental energy, and enhance overall health through endorphin release. As well as releasing endorphins, regular activities also help relax the muscles and ease tension in the body.

Improving Social Skills

Pickleball is an excellent group activity as it focuses on teamwork. When playing doubles or on a team with other people, you’ll learn how to communicate and get along with players.

This is one of those ideal forms of leisure pursuit for elderly citizens, more specifically, retirees. They often struggle with the emotion of isolation, but playing a team game helps them keep the emotions at bay through social interactions.

Consequently, playing a sport that you enjoy regularly will significantly benefit your life and health. Pickleball certainly fits in this category, being fun to play and keeping you healthy in the process!

Is Pickleball Good for Weight Loss?

As we’ve seen, pickleball is an efficient way to use up stored fat.

But can you lose weight by playing pickleball? In short, yes, you can, as long as you’re calorie deficit.

We prefer pickleball if you are a workout beginner. It can be played slower, meaning you can play for a more extended period resulting in more calories burned.

However, only playing pickleball won’t cut the deal. You need to plan a proper diet and ensure that you use more energy than you consume. Contact your pediatrician or local gym instructor for more accurate instructions.

If you’re energy deficient, meaning you use up more calories than you take in, playing pickleball will help you lose weight. But don’t expect immediate results; getting into shape will require patience, time, and diligence.

Is Pickleball a Good Exercise?

Pickleball is an excellent form of aerobic and cardio workout. It’s a fun way to use your time correctly and burn some calories. So, if you’re looking for healthy exercise, pickleball might be the perfect pick for you.

Like any other game, pickleball takes your heart rate up; this promotes blood circulation, improving organ health.

Pickleball also builds up muscle strength over time. When your muscles face constant resistance, they grow stronger and get bigger over time. This is essential as we get older because losing strength is inevitable, but we can stay healthy as a horse with some proper practice!

Furthermore, this is also an excellent activity to try if you suffer from anxiety. Exercises promote serotonin secretion in your brain, helping you to relax. Playing pickleball can be a good way to get some quiet, quality time.

How many Calories are Burned during Double Pickleball matches?

While playing doubles, most of the action is one-sided. You only come across the other side when there is faster and more competitive gameplay. This takes more movement and stamina from both players to scramble for control.

Depending on the intensity, playing doubles burns up around 200-350 calories of energy in every 60-minute match.


An average person burns anywhere between 200-400 calories in one hour of pickleball. In a best-of-3 set, a player may burn anywhere from 500-750 calories, depending on the gameplay, be it competitive or casual.

Now that you know how many calories pickleball burns, we hope you find it more enjoyable. We recommend increasing the calorie burn by increasing the intensity, playing singles, and playing more sets every week.

Pickleball is an exciting way to exercise. So, pick up your paddles, invite a friend, and burn some calories!

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